No Luck Yet

Well it's been a while since I've posted, 3 months to be exact. Well I have had many sessions with not much luck.

I have enjoyed every bit I learn with each session but no orgasmic feelings yet.

Just have to stick with it.


  1. Keep at it man!
    It took me over a year of infrequent usage before I experienced anything pleasurable from it. Still haven't had super-O's yet. But I've had mini-O's and something a little stronger I believe.

    It's good that you are at least enjoying the sessions.
    You'll get there!

  2. It took me well over a year to have my first super-o. I have them every single time now. Once you experience your first you will then realize what you have been doing wrong. At least that's what happened with me. The harder I tried, the less success I experienced. I now try to enjoy the entire ride and just let things happen. Good luck! It will be well worth your patience in the end.

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