Hitting hard

OK, Im officially overdoing it a bit, but Im going to be quite occupied in the next days so I wont be able to access the aneros at all. Yesterday I did another big session.

Beautiful pleasure waves, and some O's, some MO's. But in general I have a feeling for the intensity of them that they can be more powerfull, like the one I had at the end of the-day-before-yesterday session.

Learnts quite a few things though
– I learnt to enjoy the smallest model of the advanced peredise set, incredible sensations. Im guessing its going to be my favourite, the bigger one is good for warming up though
– I like playing a bit with different models because I get the feeling that it awakens the are in different ways, specially the progasm. I started to apreciate it for the first time. The sensations are very powerful, to get the best out of it there is more practicing than meets the eye
– I practiced the Key Sound warming up for my third and last round yesterday, I see it possible creating combined sessions, but maybe only using peredise to slowly tickle the area and ripple pleasure out a bit. But Im not going to try to invent the wheel here, in the begining I'll leave a time were I'll just trust the systems I see.
– After concentrating on the waves of pleasure and amplyfing and playing with them, I am more aware of them in other moments that are not solely with prostate stimulation. One of my big breakthroughs is actually enjoying an orgasm stimulating my penis and squeezing to prevent ejaculation when in the point of no return. I had experience in that method but never have I been aware enough to actually enjoy it.
– I starting to get involuntary contractions in the pelvic floor muscles and little surges of energy without the toys being inserted. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the peridise sensations mmmmm. I'll say it over and over, Im going to take him everywhere with me

My breakthroughs this week have benn quite significant for me. I have to say that they are not created by the aneros, but aneros was one of the missing keys. Ive set asside time from work and society to enjoy this moment and plan to do bit more of that this month, call it honeymoon.

One book that I encourage everyone to read, that I think nobodys mentioned but that I enjoyed deeply was: "Masturbation: Tantra of Self-Love by Margo Woods". Ive done further reading on the subject but this little book gave me all I ever really needed to know about, tantra and masturbation (its a woman writing it to, very liberating and stimulating read)

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  1. Masturbation: Tantra of Self-Love by Margo Woods". Good suggestion, I have been reading parts of this after reading your post.

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