i never have time for 2 sesions in the same day, but when the oppurtunity presented itself i had to try . i am so glad i did!!! after having the best O i ever had, i was able to go back into the same routine and have a few more pretty strong O's. this second time was far more quicker since i had already warmed myself up earlier. the waves started faster and i was able to have my first super O in about 20 min. i cannot believe how far i have come in the past few months. it is the by far the most amazing feeling i have ever experienced with a sex toy. i really can't call it a toy it's more of a sex enhancer plaything. i especially enjoy the feeling i have after a session. once i remove the aneros my body still feels like it's still there, and the contractions that come and go long after my sessions are very pleasing. i might have to go and check on my aneros make sure it's where i left it……

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  1. Yea, those post aneros sessions contractions are something else,
    They are so pleasurable. If fact I am having some right now writing this comment.

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