Another step

So it seems that I've moved on from what I was doing with rubbing my penis lightly during my Aneros sessions to achieve dry-O's. It was a useful experience. But now I find that it is too much of a distraction from the prostate sensations. And in my more current sessions seemed to become too much like edging.

So my last session I did not do any penis stimulation, and just concentrated on the prostate and energy sensations while deep breathing and relaxing as much as possible. I would hold that slight voluntary PC contraction that hits the sweet spot of pleasure on the prostate, and concentrate on growing that sensation through putting my attention on it, and also thinking really exciting fantasies.

I had enough moderate success with it to think it is a good path to follow for a while. No orgasms. But really nice pleasure that I liked. And there was very little distraction from sensations in my penis as it hardly even got erect at all. Which thankfully did not give me any desire to stimulate it. I felt my prostate swell with arousal quite a bit. And it was a much more calm session. Less movement, more concentration on relaxing. Very meditative like. Even though I still had smaller involuntary anal contractions occurring. I can now understand what other users have mentioned about interfering with the process by contracting to hard. As I noticed that as I held that slight PC contraction, as the pleasure increased, it was far to easy to unknowingly contract harder, which seemed to have the effect of making the pleasure disappear. That was difficult to be aware of and not do. It will take some practice.

Every step is worthwhile and a learning experience on this path. I know that a few times I have felt that I have taken a wrong turn. Only to find out later on that it was a necessary step in my understanding and development on this journey. So I embrace all these good experiences. 😀