Three Nights Running

Over the past three nights I have had three sessions with various Aneros models as follows:

On Sunday night I used my recent favourite model, the Helix. With this, I had what I would class as my best session to date. Almost as soon as it was inserted, light PC contractions drove me immediately into the most delicious response of continuous waves of pleasure, from which I had some difficulty coming down! The significant difference from all previous sessions was the fact that the process continued without a break for well over an hour. In fact I was beginning to wonder if my heart would be able to withstand the strain if I continued any longer.

On Monday, I was keen to build on last night’s progress and decided to take another punt on my Eupho which had given me so much pleasure the last time I had used it. Preparation was exactly the same as last night and my expectations were well rewarded. As soon as I got into bed, slight contractions kicked off strong response waves, which continued without interruption for almost an hour and a half. As before, movement of the Eupho seemed more than the Helix, so I would rate the night’s session marginally even better than the previous night.

Following those two nights, I was feeling pretty horny all day Tuesday, and felt that a third consecutive night was called for! I decided to make the choice between the Progasm Ice and the Maximus. Somehow, I felt I would like to save the Progasm for an occasion when I felt I was getting closer to achieving a Super-O, so I chose the Maximus. I prepared the device by covering it with a thin film of raw Shea butter and inserted a small plug of the same into my rectum by finger. I then injected an eye-dropper (about 3ml) ‘Wet Stuff’ lubricant into my rectum and since the Maximus is larger than all but the Progasm, I also dipped it into a jar of ‘Wet Stuff’ before inserting it into my anus. It immediately gave me a strong sense of “fullness” predicating that I completely relax for about ten minutes upon retiring for the night. To date, I had not had a great deal of success with the Maximus, but this night changed everything! The responses were similar to those of the two previous nights with the major exception that, at the end of each five-to-ten-minute stretch of PC contraction, there was an unmistakeable mini-O. In a session which totalled two and a half hours, I would have had about a dozen mini-Os, and only terminated the session when I felt it wise to get some sleep. Apart from the mini-Os, even after I had removed the device, I could feel solid P waves for the next ten minutes, and on waking up in the morning, I was still able to feel P waves just by contracting my PC muscles.

I should make a few general observations at this stage:

First – I am surprised at the amount of pre-cum that I produce during these sessions. One reason for quitting a session is the feeling that my Cowpers glands must be running out of juice!

Second – I find that the best position for this activity for me, is lying on either side. I usually start by lying on my right side, and after the first hour or so, I roll over on to my left side, and with equal success. Lying on my back seems not to achieve much in the way of a response, perhaps because the device’s handle seems to restrict its movement.

Third – I have tried to experience a mini-O by being absolutely relaxed and by trying to avoid making any muscular contractions at all. So far, I have had little success with this approach since the device, regardless of which model, automatically pulls my PC muscles into contraction. If anyone has a comment on that I would be glad to receive it.

Fourth – All this began only two days after I had experienced a conventional penile orgasm that had resulted from my unwisely grasping my penis at the end of a previous Helix session! Usually, an ejaculation for me results in my libido shutting down for at least a week these days. Maybe, my Aneros activity is providing a beneficial side effect of increasing my libido. Whooppie! I’m feeling like a teenager again!!

Fifth – I feel it won’t be many days before my next session, but I am trying hard now to take a break so that my body can recuperate!

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  1. Hi Pommie!

    On your third point, I wouldn't try to prevent involuntary contractions or shape the experience at all. The deep relaxation is great but just let what will be, happen. You will go further sooner if you allow your body, rather than your mind, be the spokesperson. No conscious interventions or direction. Worth a try.

    all the best you "renewed teen"


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