well once through the long wknd ,and all the excess company has been here and gone out the newest toy ,the ice .well no bells ringing as yet .once the discomfort left ,sure did feel full so to say .tried the exercises some of the members mentioned .had a rather plesant full feelin but as i mention no bells a ringin or ? well early as yet ,shall try agn


  1. yeah dont give up just keep trying, it took me about six months but man it was worth the wait. dont forget everybody is different. just keep doing your breathing and contractions and you will get there. make sure you are totally relaxed an have plenty of extra time for yourself. good luck!!

  2. Hi needit_

    For many it takes time. My/our great progress didn't really get going well until early into our second year. Lots of smaller steps and enjoyable explorations, but not the huge leaps of early to mid 2008, until then, and escalating ever since.

    I can only recommend patience, have no expectations or goals, listen quietly for what your body starts to whisper and tickle, and be open, deeply relaxed and allow whatever starts, however small, to grow without fear or interference.

    all the best as you carry on


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