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I have had several sessions since my last post and my journey continues. Every session brings me something new. With the helix I am quickly aroused and start having strong Os. They draw me up into a ball and cause me to moan and yell. They build and build and before I know it I am chaining them togehter The pleasure increases, sometimes i am leaking a lot, sometime i am erect. Everything grows into the super O. When it hits I go into a ball, feel a wave coming over me and have to remember to breath, i see flashes of light. I am in a different place.

The newest thing for me is since my last session i now get spontaneous erections which lead to giant dry O. It is unreal, The first I was getting ready for bed, I felt this O coming on, I sprung an erection. I just laid on the bed and came and came. The same thing happened the next night. I went to bed got an erection and then had a giant dry O. Another wire has been hooked up.

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  1. Hi sloan12

    You are certainly experiencing wonderful and relatively unique session orgasmic energies, as well as great Day-After Effects! And still early days with enormous potential unknown! 🙂

    more of the best to and for you


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