big one!!

well i usually try and have 2 sessions a week just to appease my body cravings, but since i have a family its dfficult at times. so i had gone over my 4 day wait and on the 7th day which was the following monday i was really in the mood. i didnt have to pick up my sisters kids so i even had time for a nap. so what i decided to do was to take my nap with my aneros just to get things really going. once iwas in bed iwas able to relax and have some really nice involuntary contraction, not hard ones but very subtle . i was able to sleep for about 30 min before i had real strong contraction that woke me up. i got on my back and started my breathing and before i knew it i was moaning and groaning. it was by far my best session i have had since i got my progasm. i went to the tub, because i like to prop my legs up, and then i had the best O i ever had. its only been 3 days but i am trying to refrain as long as possible so i can get that craving once again. talk about torture, man i might have to tie myself up to hold out another 4 days!!

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  1. The nap just totally relaxes you and then what a great way to wake up to a strong contraction that takes you right over the edge.

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