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10/24/2009 3:20:35 PM

Ten years ago I bought an Aneros. At the time, I believe they had only one model, what’s now called the “Classic.” I read the directions and experimented with it over a period of weeks, but I had no success. It was trouble to fool with, since you had preparation and clean-up time involved, and that had always steered me away from any kind of anal play, so I eventually left it in the nightstand drawer. Every couple of years I’d pull it out and try it again, but I never made any progross toward the special sexual thrills it was supposed to convey.

In the past year, however, I’ve begun to enjoy anal play more and more. I’ve gotten over some of my aversion to it on hygienic grounds, and I’ve begun to add light touching or insertion of fingers to my masturbation routine fairly often. Then something I read somewhere made me think that prostate massage just might be beneficial for my erratic PSA scores. No looming health crisis, thankfully, but a urologist who worries about me (bless his heart). And I remembered the massage therapist who once told me I carried a lot of tension around my anus. So I thought again of the long-disused Aneros, and I fished it out and went to the web to read about it again, since I’d long ago lost the directions.

I discovered that in the years since I bought mine, an entire community had grown up around the Aneros and the pleasures that apparently only it could provide. I read with amazement about the “Super-O” and “Mini Os” and “Super Ts.” Evidently these men were sincere, and there was more to the possibilities than I had realized. So I resolved to give it another try. At worst, I would get the prostate massage and see what effect that had on my PSA, and at best, maybe this time I could get it to work for me.

I read and absorbed the directions again from the web site, and also took in the entire text of the wiki. Armed with this, I went back to experimenting. The first time I used it, I merely lubed the Aneros with KY Jelly. I’ve never had much trouble slipping it in, and it has usually not been at all uncomfortable once it’s in position. I did the breathing and clenching exercises, I did feel some involuntary twitching, and I’d have to say I felt some pleasure, but nothing remarkable. I devoted only about 20 minutes to experimenting with it, since I didn’t have a lot of time at my disposal.

I came back a few days later and used some Liquid KY for pre-lube this time, administered with a baby eye-dropper. It turns out I’m one of those who can’t tolerate glycerin, and I now know what they mean by its “purgative” effects. But the crisis was short-lived and left me feeling willing to explore further. Then I used KY Jelly again on the Aneros and slipped it in (for some reason KY Jelly doesn’t provoke the same effect as KY Liquid, I find). It was comfortable and seemed promising, but nothing special happened. Then, for whatever reason, I decided to combine the breathing exercises recommended by the manufacturer with the breathing technique explained on the Prostate Massage and Health site, in which you exhale and then pull in and up on your abdomen. With the Aneros inside me, I discovered that this combination of techniques causes an involuntary squeeze of the anal muscles on the exhale. This pattern of breathing in as deep as I can into my abdomen and then exhaling fully and pulling the abdomen muscles up felt good. After about a dozen breaths, I relaxed and lo and behold, the involuntaries began and I was carried up into real pleasure. Not a Super-O, from what I can tell, but several mini-Os. One especially memorable one was centered in my anus, and made it feel absolutely wonderful. I never knew you could feel pleasure there. The others were more in my prostate or in my pelvic area generally. I had 4 or 5 over a period of maybe an hour and a half, and then I masturbated with the Aneros in and had an ejaculation.

This was more like it, and though I didn’t climb the pinnacle, I did discover that the path does in fact lead upward, for sure. I had been afraid that the so-called Aneros experience might just be the sexual equivalent of “speaking in tongues,” something I could not respond to at all. But that apparently is not the case, I’m glad to say.

The next day I abstained, but I did feel lots of pleasant tingles and had a feeling of well-being. That evening, I even had some results from attempting to induce an orgasm without using the Aneros, just by doing the breathing I had discovered and contracting and getting some involuntaries.

Two nights after my success I tried to repeat it, but it was late in the evening after a tiring day, and I think I was just too pooped to get much in the way of results. It was pleasant, and I had involuntaries, but nothing like the previous time.

The most recent time was this afternoon. I douched, used Gun Oil H2O for pre-lube (it has no glycerine) and KY Jelly on the Aneros, and spent about 2 hours in bed. I had maybe 15 of what I took for mini-Os, almost at will, some of them coming one right after another. I did some experimentation with progressive relaxation, porn, different positions. The progressive relaxation (which I’ve practiced with wonderful results for my genreal well-being for years) didn’t seem to do much. The Aneros did more for the porn than vice versa. And I discovered I could do it in just about any position, including on my back, with my knees bent or legs straight, on my side, or kneeling beside the bed. Some reactions were better than others, but they were all very nice.

So I decided to keep this journal and maybe post it on the Aneros site. And I made up my mind to continue to pursue the Super-O.

I’ve ordered a Helix to see if my experience will be enhanced by the improvements that have been made since the long-ago introduction of the Classic.

10/25/2009 7:33 AM

Last night I woke up at around 2:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I tried for a while, but then realized it was going to be one of those times when I lie awake for an hour or two before falling asleep again. So I decided to see if I could summon up any pleasure waves.

I was lying on my side with my top leg bent and resting on a pillow, which is my normal sleeping position. Without moving I began the breathing exercises I previously described and continued them for a dozen breaths, then lay perfectly still and breathed long, slow, and steadily. I introduced some light contractions, and sure enough I began to feel pleasure welling up. It was the tingly, “butterflies in the stomach, but lower” feeling so often described. It rose and spread through my pelvis, and subsided. Then I breathed deeply again, contracted a bit, and it started over. After a few times, I didn’t even have to contract at all. It would just start in my balls and spread through my pelvis, sometimes focusing on my prostate, sometimes on my anus, sometimes in my dick, which grew hard. When it was at its peak, I would shudder and tremble in my hips and thighs, and then as soon as it subsided I could simply focus on what I was feeling and it would start over. This went on for over an hour, with me never changing position. At one point I decided to see if I could spread the feeling out over more of my body, and I imagined it flowing down my legs and up over my torso. It did spread as I hoped and wherever the feeling went, that part of my body began to tremble and shake as well, until I was gently convulsing all over, almost as if I had a very bad chill. Mind you, this was without the Aneros, just me lying still.

I suppose I’m being “rewired,” but I never imagined it would happen so quickly. This is a priceless ability! To be able at any time, anywhere, to summon up physical pleasure as often and for as long as you choose, is like some genie granted you a wish.

10/25/2009 7:56 PM

A busy morning and afternoon, but I found the time mid-day to devote more than an hour to the Aneros. The experience was much like it had been in previous sessions. I had involuntaries and felt waves of pleasure. The one thing that differed was that I explored a bit more of the interface between pleasure and bodily reaction. That probably doesn’t make any sense, but here’s what I mean. I tried to stay as calm as possible and to focus all my attention on the waves of pleasure and let them take their own time to wash over me. And they did. But I was presented again with a dilemma that I’ve encountered before: when to let the body’s spasms take over and when to maintain focus entirely on the pleasure I experience. The night before, I had realized that it’s possible just to concentrate on the feelings of pleasure, no matter how minute they may be at first, and they can lead you to greater and greater involvement with ecstasy. So I made the decision to let my body’s reaction take over and see where they led me. I built up several times to the point where my hips and thighs were convulsing, and then I decided to ride the wave without interfering consciously any more in my reaction to the Aneros. I did what I had done the night before, and invited the pleasure to invade my entire body, and the result once again was that the trembling, shaking, and convulsions spread to the parts of my body to which I had invited the pleasure. I deliberately did not stand in the way of any of this physical reaction,. The result was that I jerked spastically from head to toe on the bed, probably looking like someone in need of medical assistance. It must have looked orgasmic to anyone else, and it was a very pleasant thing to do. But even though I’m certain I was responding to the sexual stimuli of the Aneros, I feel that in the course of letting myself convulse, I lost sight of the pleasure itself. And the result was that it was not what I think a Super-O would be. It was more like dancing without inhibition, which there’s nothing wrong with, but which is not the same thing as an orgasm.

I seem to be at the point where I can allow the pleasure to spawn and begin to propagate, which is wonderful, but something keeps it from building past a certain intensity. From what I’ve read on the Forum, this seems to be a common plateau for many men. From other things I’ve read, there seems to be no question that the road leads further, and I can safely say I’m not going to be satisfied until I find the key to those hidden delights.


  1. Welcome back TXcoyote!

    And congratulations on your rapid adaptation to date! Your journey will be an interesting one to follow from your history as related so far.

    all the best as your explorations expand


  2. As a fellow Texan, I want to welcome you. I enjoyed reading your posts and can relate. I am Bi -married(58 yo) and am new to the Aneros Helix. My wife has started massaging my prostate which has really has become very pleasurable. I can relate to what you are talking about. As of yet, I have not ejaculated from strict prostate massage. Usually, I or wife will masterbate my penis and I have lots of cum. I have felt feelings that I didn't know whether I was "cumming or going". LOL I have squirted some liquid,not sure if it is urine or precum. But it is really pleasurable and I relate to "riding it". I also found your comparison to "speaking in tongues" hysterical after having friends into that. Keep posting.

  3. I can relate to everything you describe. There are times I feel I have reached the upper plateau only to experience a higher level within a short time. Last night I had the most intense experience ever. Within 5 minutes I was completely involved in orgasm and it continued to build beyond what I would have though possible a year ago. Full body shakes, arms tingling which lasted 2 hours at least. What I thought was my first super-o a year or so ago would be a disappointment today. Funny about that. It's still getting better in peaks and valleys. I enjoy the valleys too but the peaks are breathtaking literally.

  4. Hi TXcoyote

    welcome to the endless journey – once a full body orgasm triggered by the prostate is experienced we keep looking for higher and higher peaks – as I said – an endless journey.

    you state "something keeps it from building past a certain intensity" yes the shaking dissipates the pleasure but it also builds up the next round – once the shaking is controlled the pleasure builds up higher level only to be dissipated by the next round of shaking. Let your body shakes and anal involuntary contractions play as a duet progressing into a frenzy, like a bombastic finale only a fully staffed symphony orchestra can produce with all stops pulled. (Ohhhh I am having a aneroless chairgasm while typing this, waves of pleasure raising from my legs to the hips, to my stomach, oohhh aahhh….)

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