Kegeling and the Progasm: Sessions for October 13 & 15, 2012

Hi guys,

Last week I had a fourth Aneros session on Saturday at 3 p.m. This session began a good thirty hours after the Friday morning session which ended around 9 a.m. My Saturday afternoon session was a good, solid one during which I worked with the Maximus and both the Progasm Classic and Ice models. Not only were my prostate and anal canal well massaged, but it felt like I had a weight training session in that the muscles in my butt and thighs were well exercised and toned. This spin off of the Aneros I believe has enhanced greatly my overall health recently.

Now this morning's session I believe is even the best yet. I began with the Progasm Classic. He inserted fairly well to the hilt. We spent a good fifteen minutes together, however slight peristalsis set in. I then switched to the Maximus which gave my prostate and anal canal an excellent massage for a good thirty minutes. Now this morning when I inserted my good buddy to the hilt, I did nothing but stimulate my nipples and began slow rhythmic breathing. I was amazed at how easily the P-waves set in which fueled the autof**king action, at how the massaging both my anal sphincter muscles and prostate gradually became more and more intense and pleasurable.

Next I returned again with the Progasm Classic. Again I worked with this big bruiser in the same way as I did with the Maximus above. The same sort of massaging occurred, beginning slowly but gradually becoming more intense. I spent a good thirty minutes with the Progasm Classic and had a great time with my big buddy.

Finally I worked with the Progasm Ice during which I worked with this sleeker big buddy as I had done earlier with both the Maximus and Progasm Classic. A week or so ago I had discovered that the girth of the stem of the Progasm is ideal for Kegeling. But this morning I focused upon my rhythmic breathing with a Kegel interspersed at regular intervals. Such a rhythm fuels the autof**king action of the Progasm which produces such superb prostate and anal canal pleasure which radiates through my penis to my glans! This morning my penis was definitely plump and my glans oozing copious precum. Also this morning I tried something new, I clutched my anal muscles for maybe 15 seconds or so at a stretch. This clutching action propelled the Progasm really deep, perhaps massaging the entire length of my prostate. After completing such a clutch, the Progasm withdraws slightly. This produces several seconds of lack of motion or action, but then there shoots forth an intense yet pleasurable spasm of P-waves! After making this discovery, I did perhaps good, strong ten or fifteen such Kegel clutches in this session which produced intense spasms of P-waves! I hope to continue this type of Kegeling with both the Progasm Classic and Ice in future sessions.

Also this morning, I focused mostly upon stimulating my nipples as I worked with my good, big Aneros buddies and hardly massaged my thighs. Such subtle stimulation along with my rhythmic breathing with occasional Kegels thrown in provided the rocket fuel for today's Aneros session. In the end, it all felt so GOOD!!! It is getting close to 5 p.m. as I end this blog entry, a good seven hours after this morning's session. It is interesting to note that my penis right now feels as he did at age thirteen, in the glory days of my adolescent masturbation. Today he feels really wired to my revved up prostate. I think I'll oblige him.

I do not know when I will experience a Super-O. I suspect someday soon out of the blue, my Anerosing will become so intensely pleasurable that a Super-O may occur, perhaps in the same way when as an early adolescent, my masturbation one day just got better and better on an entirely new level and produced my very first orgasm with ejaculation of semen, all out of the blue! It was one of the most memorable days of my life, still fresh in my consciousness as the day it happened! Take care!


  1. Excellent results and report man!! Particularly your sensing "enhanced greatly my overall health recently."!! This is a very good sign of the quality of your rewiring and level of awakening of your prostate, imho.

    Similarly, your reawakening of some of your penis response levels is also a good sign!! This may seem to contradickt the "Penis NOT!" excellent advice in the threads here. Indeed, you are more likely to advance to Super-Os with as much abstention from hands-on masturbation as possible. Your body needs to rewire to make masturbation just one option to your erotic responsiveness.

    Nevertheless, for we older men particularly, the increases in penis responsiveness that come early in the journey are cause for celebration for sure! Typically one get into a phase where your penis is flaccid throughout your aneros hands-free sessions, and then later, after all the major rewiring is in place and all used regularly, there is the late onset penis revival to teen levels that can then co-exist fine with your full energies spectrum deeply established.

    You feel like a natural and all the best as your Aneros journy continues to unfold!!

  2. Hi Art,

    The last month or so, I have noticed that my walking has a great deal of spring in it because of my Aneros sessions. But today there was that residual buzz centralized in my prostate but localized in my groin from Monday morning's session.

    Also from the very beginning of my Aneros sessions, I have studiously avoided contact with and certainly stimulation of my penis. Most of the time my penis is flaccid during sessions yet oozing copious amounts of precum. What I noticed also recently is that there is that vital connection to my prostate of penis and glans, or as you say "penis revival to teen levels." Just thinking about all this gives me a throbbing erection!

    In the meantime, thank you for your encouragement as a brother in Anerosing.

    Take care,


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