Second Time is the Charm, and I am Sure Every Time Will Be

For my second ride with the sublime Syn, I appreciated even more the lovely texture and the flexible P-Tab. And again, it felt like part of me and not a separate entity. I am also impressed with how quickly it does its magic on me. Within ten minutes I was enjoying multiple Dry and Super O's.

This time I reached Calm Seas very quickly and stayed there for the rest of the session, about 90 minutes, I guess. I wasn't terribly aware of time. I got to a wonderful "place." In this place I experienced deep satisfaction, peace, and a bit of giddy silliness. I felt little sparkles of joy all over me. That lasted for about for about 30 minutes and slowly subsided into an overall sense of intense well-being.

The very interesting thing about this session was that when I reached the pinnacle of the session, when I had journeyed the furthest, I was quite lucid and completely aware of reality. Usually when I reach Calm Seas and I stay there for a while, I tend to find myself in a dream-like state almost dozing. But this was different. I was hyper-aware of everything and in a laughing mood, giggly, and enjoying every tingle. I talked with my friend, and friend of many of you, artform. He was convinced (and I agree with him) that what I was experiencing at the end was what he called "Mitochondria Orgasms" – orgasms at the cellular level. Well, my mitochondria were singing with joy.

I am becoming addicted! Is there a 12-Step Program for me?


  1. How about liberated? LOL Congratulations on your experiential capacity and starting blogging your journey man!!

    Have given a complementary background and Orgasm Science (on the blissing edge!!) discussion in my blog here. Catch up soon on some after effects too.

    Singing joyously here and there all over, onward!!!!

  2. I think I've had this experience myself early on. My ograsmic levels kept expanding outward, reaching outward, then in a transition became deeply inward. I became hypersensitive as well and noticed everything around me much more intensely. Then it was like an implosion of pleasure surging within me and taking everything inward with it. It's great to see you share this. Brings back some fond memories I hope to relive soon. 🙂 Keep blogging too! I enjoy reading about your joys and journey.

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