Orgasmic Links at Another Astounding Orgasmic Level

Elsewhere here, and at other locations, I written about some of these experiences before, butt I write this blog post in a state of deeply grateful ecstatic wonderment, joy, and the most profound peace connection that my now into 6 years of MMO and ecstatic energies explorations have given.

After great builds, Drys, and Supers, both Active Body and Still Body, first with Eupho and then switching in my Syn; a new variation of the Hovering Grand Bliss type Calm Seas (Still Body) set in, with all the subtle breathing and focus changes and new imagery that was challenging and powerfully integrative.

I will add further details on that stage later, but the real story coming out of this session is about the continuing explorations of shared energies here. These build on the sense of historic and deeply personal reconnection that open friends have been able to share in ever growing numbers here, and at complementary practices' sites and blogs.

In the General Discussion section the the Forum here, we have described and attempted to find the right words for the ineffable luminous nature of these energies sharing experiences. We have focused on their arising and development here through gradual to fully awakened prostates using our Aneros prostate massagers and resultant orgasmic energies generation. The Tao of Aneros and other related threads are part of this discussion here.

The other key introductory ones are Mitochondrial Orgasm posts already in the early sections of this blog (see "Micro-Cosmic Orgasms?…." post) I used that name following my studies elsewhere of the role and functions of the mitochondria that are the energy conversion powerhouses within our cells, and those of all living animals. Mitochondria are also our time-keepers and control the death cycles of our cells. They are independent lifeforms originally, symbionts now with in our cells, with their own independent DNA.

I have repeatedly had these glorious infestations of random micro orgasms apparently going of randomly all over the surface skin and beneath: fizzing, foaming fireworks!!! In one of the early posts about this, they had seemed much like the Ewoks' celebrations of campfires and music breaking out all over the Forest Moon of Endor.

This evening, continuing experimental sessions with one of several co-experimenters with the more general energies sharing here, I felt a Mitochondria Orgasm out break developing in me. We do some sessions by text only, and more recently numbers of us include and audio video link.

As the MitO was spreading with strength throughout my body, I noticed my great friend and an accomplished co-experimenter, brine, start moving in a similar pattern of body movement reactions. I laugh a lot when MitOs are running, and as this event began unfolding I quizzed him and all his sensations fit the MitO profile perfectly.

We continued comparing observations as both our MitOs progressed with remarkable parallels as well as their own quirks. I could sense the mitochndrial energies connection between us quite specifically!! This was a spontaneous happening, without conscious intent, and the first ever experienced that I know of.

In my larger hypothesis, my Theory of Mitochandrial Hive Mind, as a key layer of our own complex consciousness; the co-experimenters shared a linkage of our Mitochondrial Hive Minds' orgasmic playfulness and astounding delights as a very distinct form of orgasmic energies sharing that opens up great new possibilities for all.

This will expand the mapping of the growing range of identifiable orgasmic energies , and their possible sharing opportunities and characteristics to the benefit of all.

Hugely pleasurable and scintillating, an effervescent joy for a great stretch of time, we all need more of this as much and as soon as possible 😀 😀


  1. Lovely words that beautifully describe an indescribable experience. Thank you, my dear friend, for being my mate on so many unexpected moments. I ask myself, "What's next?" It is my ONLY expectation – knowing that it will be fulfilled. That expectation is never defined until it happens, always bringing joy and bliss. So, what's next?

  2. Art, it's simply great to see this post. Brine and I have had some great moments in shared energy exchange as well. To define it to so specific a phenomena, I can't say for sure that it was mitochondrial orgasmic bliss, but it was a strong connection and overlapping over energy and self-presence. I could feel the presence of Brine in our exchange.

    To see that you felt a definite and palpable connection on the cellular level is simply astounding! I know to the uninitiated or unaware, reading this type of material totally seems like hoodoo run amok. However, to have felt it, experience, and shared it myself, all I can do is testify.

    Art, I'm proud of you and your enjoyment/fulfillment. As Brine says, the only expectation is a great big, wide open, happily curious, what's next?

    I look forward to many more chats and ability to participate in more energy exchange with you, Brine, and everyone else open and willing. I think that's the key really. Are we open to connect with others? Are we willing to connect with others?

    It's not just a re-wiring of the "hardware" in our bodies, our nerves, muscles, etc… It's a re-wiring of the "software" as well, our mental makeup, expectations, ethical limitations, societal propaganda, etc… We have to do as Neo did in The Matrix and free our minds. Who controls us? No one! We are free beings making free choices! Let us choose to rejoice and celebrate! Kudos my good friends…kudos.

  3. WOW! Congrats guys! I wish I could have been part of this experience. Another energetic participate at the ready!! :(

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