Open Heart

Times like right now, this moment, give me reason and hope about what this universe just might be all about.

I sit now, thinking, as best as I can, about an hour after a wonderful 2 hour session with my new Syn.

Here's what makes this moment even more special.

Work was a total nightmare today. This is my 8th straight day working, and I'm in the middle of working 14 in a row. So, I have about another week straight to go. Needless to say, stress is just about paramount right now. At least it was.

I came home from work, at nearly 11:30 at night, and saw the box for my Syn sitting at my door step. Being mad that UPS, as usual, just leaves a package lying around that anyone can take if they were so inclined, I was thankful that that wasn't the case. I grabbed my package and went into my apartment.

I placed the box on my bed and started to decompress from work, which included basically changing my clothes and booting up my computer. I left the box on the bed and didn't even bother to open it. I knew what it was, but was too tired to even look inside. Instead, I came to Aneros chat and talked with Taran for a bit. Taran asked me if I was going to try out my new Syn, but I was honestly too tired. I didn't want a "dud" session right away. Aside from that, I didn't have time to prep my sacred space and create my mental space. I was just wanting to sleep so I could get up and go to work for day number 9 in a row. Ugh…

Well, being too tired to really even chat, I turned in early saying goodnight to Taran. There the box sat on the bed still fully wrapped. I thought I should at least open it and look at it. I was impressed with the packaging as always, and the device itself is functional art in my opinion. I then thought, well, what the hell. It's in my hands. I'm half dead anyway, I can't even think straight I'm so tired, why not see what happens? Generally, my best sessions start with me dozing off with Eupho inside of me anyway.

So, I used a thin coat of Vaseline and then a small layer of Sliquid on top of that. After inserting Syn, I went back to bed to lay down. I fell asleep, somewhat, to a very strong and nicely humming p-wave into dry-O combo. But, drift further into sleep I did. I woke after a brief power nap and noticed that my p-waves had stopped. My dry-Os had stopped. I thought, well, maybe that was it. Maybe it was just time for bed. I wasn't satisfied though. I gave a few strong contractions and could tell that I simply lost mobility due to the lube not being as slick. So, I lubed up again, this time with some Astroglide on top of the Vaseline. The Syn was humming again.

Each time I contracted I could feel concentric pulses resonating throughout my body. It was as if the Syn amplified my own body mechanics as well as adding its own to the mixture. The result was a wonderfully vibrant melody and harmony being physically attuned inside my body. It truly felt like a tuning fork was strumming strings of joy inside of me. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that the Syn was really Vice because of the vibrations.

I enjoyed these wonderful sensations for quite some time, maybe 30 minutes or longer. They would build up, lead to some great Dry-Os, then subside. This pleasant process kept me very happy for a good length of time. After a while though, they started to calm down. Perhaps this was the moment I should go to bed. Instead of sleeping, I found myself deep in forever space. The sensations were feeling so good I didn't want them to end. Once again, more lube was in order.

I removed my Syn, gave it a good cleaning, as I did the first time also, and this time used KY Jelly on top of the Vaseline. The results this time led the Syn to a much more mobile function and creating some astounding sensations. Super-Os were approaching as I felt my body rocking back and forth entering the zone of total pleasure. My whole body sways back and forth when I'm about to super-O. For whatever reason, my cheeks and forehead rub constantly on my pillow needing to be stimulated. This is how I know I'm entering true bliss.

I had a few great super-Os, and then the secondary effects started to occur. I felt my chakras start to open and align. My root chakra was already full blast from the Syn, and the strong abdominal contractions had sparked my second chakra. After a while, I felt the solar plexus and heart chakras open. Eventually, I felt all my chakras open. What was really interesting was when my third eye chakra opened, I could just see playful energy. It was as if sprites were dancing and giggling in the air. I lost all sense of space and was truly floating. It was as if I were under deep hypnosis. I could feel my body, could still feel my Syn inside me, but it was all secondary. The true moment of being was my pure essence free. I was free to interact with the universal energies. It's as if the barrier between perception and understanding split and allowed the two to merge into a true world without the veiled curtain. I stayed floating in this space for a time span I couldn't specify.

I thought about energy, love, connection, and what it all means. For that moment, for this moment, ignoring work, ignoring stress, just being, just totally open, I am perfect. Even my flaws are perfect. I even thought about my perpetual conflict with light and free energy versus the counterpoint dark and malicious energy. I even came to appreciate something that might not be anything but a killing machine, because it is perfection in its own state. Yeah, that last part is a little morose, but it is still a lesson that I can appreciate.

So, I sit here now, with an open heart. I think, even as my Syn lifted me gently to heights and limitless options, the universal energy gently lays me back down to Earth and my confined being. This really got me thinking about BDSM practice. There is a term called "aftercare". Once a Master and sub have a "session" the Master performs aftercare for the sub. This can be simple cuddling, or something more involved. Right now, I feel cuddled. I feel like I want to cuddle. I also feel safe and secure that no matter how high I fly, I won't simply be dropped once the moment is over. I will parachute into the land of "normalcy" once again with the loving hands of universal peace and love as the chute.

To those who might be looking to take a lesson away from this, let me just say, here are the four that I learned.

One, even though I wasn't as prepared as I normally was for a session, and didn't give all the rites and rituals that I normally do, I still had a curious and open mentality that something special might occur anyway, and it did.

Two, lube! When I was feeling the session slow down and grind to a halt, it was literally because the device was grinding instead of flowing. If you feel like things are fizzling out, do a quick, strong contraction or two. How's the lube?

Three, fear should never be a factor. This is a truth. I won't even say for me it's a truth. I firmly believe it's a truth. The Syn, and Aneros in general, Tantra, BDSM, whatever your choose, the buildup is gradual. There might be moments where a session starts off with a bang because the body was already ready, but for the most part, there is a warmup period. Never fear being "blown away" right out of the gate. Enjoy the pace that's naturally set. At the same time, don't fear being dropped suddenly once the bliss is over. How many men have sex, have an orgasm, then just up and leave the woman high and dry? Universally, this is not the case. Trust in the "aftercare" that will occur. Enjoy that engine of yours being revved up as high as it can go, because there will be a slow, gradual, and very enjoyable scaling back once the destination is reached. The destination is simply what we choose. I knew when my journey was over via intuition. I could just tell.

Four, be fully open WHEN YOU CAN! Right now, my heart is fully open. This can be dangerous, but in this safe context, it is utter peace. Why don't we have an open heart and open self all of the time? We live that answer every day. We get attacked. We get hurt. We sometimes need to close up and just recenter ourselves and be ourselves. But, when the moment allows, be fully open. It's freeing and liberating. I don't always need to fly high and free. It's the times when I can that I enjoy them the most because they are so special.

I end this entry by saying that I have found starting a blog enjoyable. I really appreciate that I can connect with my fellow members and brothers of the Aneros community. I can be open. I can share freely. Some may gain insight. Others may criticize. I can accept praise as well as criticism. We are all brothers on the same journey. We all have our own unique lens of perspective. I just share mine. It is my hope that with many lenses looking towards a similar goal we can see farther together than we ever can alone.


  1. Lots of "insight" and no criticism whatsoever.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. It is making me wonder about so many things in our modern life that contradict our true nature. Rediscovering our true nature is a blessing indeed.

    All the best


  2. Very much so Linum!! Rika, what a wonderful opening for you and the high flight you were clearly ready for and meant for!!

    The experiences, principles and values you have so eloquently expressed rika are a great broad key set of insights for us all. I sympathize with the stresses you are under, and I hope that this great blog of yours will continue to add to your internal growth benefits as you generously share with all your friends here.

    Be fully open indeed, that you may come to be fully open with courage always all ways. Here we find an amazing access to the profound universal love of these energies, that powers us all though our hearts in seeing this sacred love mutuality in all. Namaste as one culture phrases this deep core insight and connection of all with all.

    Thanks so much rika for your experience and reflections sharing. Onward rika as you can fly and safely land in more and more ways in all of this opening, great and small~~~

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