Was it the Big One?

Last night I had the most intense session that I've ever had. I only started using an Aneros this past August when I got my Helix. Last night the house was mine when I got home from work. I went upstairs and took a nice hot, relaxing bath and then prepped my helix and myself with some Astroglide. I crawled into bed gently teased my anus with the Helix until it was ready for insertion. After getting it in, I laid on my left side with my left knee up and my right leg straight, and just tried to relax and breathe to calm myself. I basically took the "do nothing" approach just let myself go. After awhile my ass started to respond with light contractions and then harder, firmer ones. All the while I just trying to stay focused and just let my breathing relax me and control my contraction pace. I could feel the Helix dancing all over the place. Then it started to make really good contact with my prostate and my legs and arms started to quiver. Those feelings were going pretty good for awhile then they started to go away. Hmm, maybe it's time to stop and relube…. Then WHAM my ass just took over! I could feel my anal muscles just start contracting and I had to curl up as my abs just clenched down. My arms and legs really started twitching and shaking. I am usually not a very vocal person when I have sex, but I was moaning, grunting and groaning like i never have before. The first wave hit me hard. "Is this it? Am I there?!" I wondered to myself. A rush went through me. I just tried to keep a clear mind and then another hard wave came crashing on me. I am breathing and moaning hard and deep when I the final crescendo hit me. OOOOHHH!! My body just convulses and flails away. OH MY GOD! I don't know if that was everybody is talking about but it felt incredibe…. Then I relube and tried to start again but fell asleep with it in me…

was it a super O??
Please post comments…

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  1. As I said in the Chat on the weekend JS: YES, it was an Active Body Super-O!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! And you are now ready to join the Super-O Society!!! Onward Anerosian man!!

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