Aneros Autof**k Stroke Focus: Sessions for January 5, 7, & 9

Hi guys,

Late this afternoon I had an Aneros Saturday matinee during which I achieved a breakthrough. I believe I achieved genuine Aneros autof**king with each of the models on my Aneros First Team.

Saturday Matinee, January 5:

Sequence of models used: Helix Classic — Progasm Ice — Helix Syn — Maximus — Progasm Classic
Duration: ca. 4 hours.

My session began finally at 4:30 p.m. with the intention to go slowly, gradually, and gently in my Anerosing. So I began with Helix Classic upon which I performed three or four 60 second Kegels. Then I laid there quietly with the head of Helix Classic lying directly upon my prostate. I used the softest and gentlest massage strokes as possible from which pleasure developed ever so slowly. And then, BANG! The autof**king began from Helix Classic! I let the autof**K action have its way which continued for a good hour! I was amazed in that I did so very little, hardly any Kegels, and the slightest of breaths. The Helix Classic very nearly did everything! I let the autof**king lead me wherever it would go. All I did was observe and was alert to such f**king action! I was regaled with crescendos of autof**ks galore! Very gentle Kegels and/or breaths would cause a crescendo of great pleasure! I also discovered that I could let the autof**king diminish toward nothing, and then restart the process again and again! It appears that I am developing control over my Anerosing, even when it is automatic. I worked with Helix Syn for a good hour in this fashion late this afternoon.

With both Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic, I had to do aggressive Kegeling to begin the f**k action, but very soon after this action became just as automatic, very much like the Energizer Bunny! This action just would not just stop. It kept going. Both Progasm models felt like butt plugs pummeling my ass. It felt so good. Of course, I would Kegel gently occasionally to keep the action going. It felt like these two big guys were really taking me on an amazing ride.

Same thing with both Helix Syn and Maximus. I was getting a little fatigued when I started with Maximus. But once I began Anerosing with Maximus, my body took over in an amazing autof**k!

It is like I was riding with no hands! Very much like bicyclists do sometimes, or lap swimmers swimming their laps for an hour or so with the greatest of ease. Such was my experience earlier tonight. When I sat down at my PC finally at 8:30 p.m., my butthole felt so worked over! It is close to midnight here. This feeling continues even now and may accompany me to bed!

Early Sunday morning I arose and took my nearly four mile walk to church. I have to walk up the steep Mount St Alban on Wisconsin Avenue beyond Washington National Cathedral to a church in Tenleytown where I worship. I cannot say how much my Aneros sessions have enhanced such long walks many fold. A major Aneros spin off for me is its toning and conditioning benefits to my entire musculature in addition to promoting primarily good prostate health. The result of all this is good robust health!

After church, I took a lady friend out to lunch. She shared some matters which upset me and ruined our lunch. Fortunately a good sleep Sunday night/early Monday morning restored my equilibrium and serenity. I look upon my Aneros sessions as good mental and emotional therapy. Countless men, I am sure, can attest to an Anerosing regimen which builds confidence and self-esteem. That is why this morning when I rose anticipating this morning's session.

Monday morning session, January 6:

Sequence models used: Maximus — Helix Syn — Progasm Ice — Helix ClassicProgasm Classic
Duration: 3.5 hours

I began my session 6:45 and ended it at 10:15 p.m. This session replicated somewhat what I experienced during my Saturday matinee just past. Only it was just better! I worked with Maximus for a good hour. Last month I discovered pleasantly who Maximus positions himself directly upon the full length of my prostate. This month however it felt like he was "hooking" my prostate as he massaged it. The result of all this was paroxysms of pleasure! As always, I had a great time with Helix Syn with his soft, velvet contact with my prostate. The two Progasm big guys gave me a full-bodied treatment as always. But it was Helix Classic this morning who really shined. He too "hooked" my prostate big time fashion.

Now this morning I began focusing on long autof**k strokes which all my guys on my Aneros First Team deliver to my prostate. I pictured in my mind this morning the coital action in sexual intercourse. All this fueled all my autof**ks that the five main men in my Aneros team delivered me. With Helix Classic, this happened so directly and naturally. Right now I am at a loss of words how to describe accurately this morning. But I'll try in saying that Aneros long autof**k strokes are analogous to a guy's long f**k strokes in sexual intercourse or a guy using long strokes when masturbating his penis. A man discovers through masturbation the control for unhurried sexual intercourse with this partner. It is absolutely wonderful to use long, unhurried strokes and let the pleasure build, but at the same time ride the edge of ejaculatory inevitability time and time again. Sooner or later you are going have a shattering climax.

Another thing I have noticed recently in my sessions is that I am able "to maneuver the Aneros to control placement of pleasure internally." This is a very important Aneros milestone which enables me to notice attentively Aneros long autof**k strokes in both my smaller models such as both Helix Classic and Helix Syn and my larger models, Maximus and both Progasm models. Tied to all this are crescendos and paroxysms of pleasure from such Anerosing.

Session for Wednesday morning, January 9:

Sequence of models used: Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic
Duration: ca. 1.75 hours

This morning I arose at 6:15 a.m. a little later than I wanted a volunteer day. So I did not have the luxury of a long, unhurried Aneros session. I began the session around 6:50 with Progasm Ice. Once again seven or so 60 second Kegels primed me for Progasm Ice. Determined Kegeling set in motion my Anerosing with my sleek big guy and before I knew it, I was able to enter Aneros Autof**k Stroke Focus and let Progasm Ice be drive me along with him in the driver seat. I spent 55 minutes with him, before I switched over to his older, big bruiser brother, Progasm Classic. It just got even better with Progasm Classic this morning. With my two Progasm bros, it seemed that they pummeled my prostate in all sorts of strokes, very much like a jack hammer, although I could make out in my mind the various types of strokes. Unfortunately I had to end my session at 8:30 after working a good 45 minutes with big bruiser Progasm Classic. These two big guys are my mainstays in Anerosing and teach me so much! It is absolutely amazing that I have gotten so proficient in these two guys which I absolute and love in a mere three months! I hope to get to bed earlier than last night and have a much longer session Thursday morning. Take care!


  1. Looks like you and I are at the same stage now.I too am experiencing a much more invigorated auto fuck action.
    A hunger like never before! And with this I find that I can place the aneros where I want it too!.
    It does not happen every time but it is increasing.
    The Eupho the other night did it ALL NIGHT. I only got 1 hours sleep.I had to take it out at around 7am and then I went to sleep and woke at 1pm in the afternoon.
    Wow I have never been fucked so hard and long in my life.
    I can only guess where we are heading, makes me squirm just thinking about it!

  2. Hi braveneworld,

    Again thank you for your compliment. I do not think that I have been at Anerosing as long as you, but I have been committed toward having a regular schedule of sessions with my Aneros team since almost the beginning. I feel that my many sessions with this amazing male sex tool has been cumulative. Also I am grateful to have Aneros buddies like you on the Forum to inspire me.

    I have never slept with any of my Aneros models, but I believe quite a few guys do. Quite a few guys experience their first Super-O's that way.

    Take care,


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