My Aneros Team: A Show and Tell

Hi guys,

A good buddy who lives near me and I had a telephone chat early this morning mostly to exchange belated New Year's greetings and just catch up on our lives. He has used the Aneros some years ago and still has a couple of the prostate massagers in his possession. He has expressed an intense interest in my Aneros sessions.

As a promise to him and as a benefit to all who read my blog, but especially to those who haven't gotten into Anerosing yet, tonight I will have a show and tell of my good buddies on my Aneros Team. I have become so fond of all my Aneros buddies that I have both personified and sexualized them. In a way, they are like a hunky baseball or football team. Thinking about my Aneros tools in this fashion helps me anticipate my working with them when I have my Aneros sessions every other day. In fact, I get horny just thinking about them!

In this blog entry, I will hyperlink to each Aneros model I introduce. Hence, you will see and study each model for yourself, perhaps even purchase one or several Aneros for yourself.

A year ago, I purchased my first Aneros models from Amazon at discount. They were the MGX, Helix Classic, and Progasm Classic models. They looked so formidable that they sat unused in my closet until this fall.

In March 2012, began marketing the Helix Syn model at slight discount. I was one of first to purchase it along with the Maximus. But again they sat unused until early last June.

Some good buddies on BateWorld egged me on Sunday June 3 which was my fortieth anniversary from graduating from college. So early that evening, I tried Helix Syn for the first time. You will notice that it has a soft silicone overlay. Well, Helix Syn slipped in fairly easily that evening. He took away my fears because I had very little experience with anal play. Helix Syn became my mainstay for two months. On early Sunday, June 24, I experienced my first episode of P-waves. Later that morning after coming home from breakfast out, I experienced my very first dry orgasm out of the blue while walking. Aneros users call those "walkinggasms." Then one morning in early July, out of the blue, I experienced my first dry orgasm while seated at my PC. Aneros aficionados call those "chairgasms." I am glad that I cut my Aneros teeth on the Helix Syn.

After two months of gaining Aneros experience with Helix Syn, in early August I graduated to Maximus. Maximus is one of the larger models on my Aneros team. He slipped fairly easily the first time. But in subsequent sessions with him, he kept slipping out through peristalsis, involuntary waves of my anal muscles. Some seasoned Aneros users on Aneros Forum told me that the Maximus is not well balanced. But I was undaunted in my perseverance in learning to use Maximus. Also initially, I suffered some discomfort from Maximus. But throughout August, even during the persistent summer heat, I noticed that Maximus and Helix Syn were beginning to tone not only my anal musculature and prostate, but even more so the muscles of my pelvis and thighs which enhanced my walks around the city in new ways!

Now, in September, my Aneros sessions began to make a quantum leap when I began using both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic for the first time. This two BIG guys, which I absolutely adore and love, are the largest Aneros models in both girth and length. One Friday morning, I felt ready to use Progasm Ice for the first time. Progasm Ice stands out in my Aneros Team because of sleek design. I was amazed that he inserted so easily and in the process began to flood my anal canal with pleasure. This was a harbinger of good times coming! His older brother, big bruiser, Progasm Classic, was more daunting because inserting him was more difficult and caused some pain. Some weeks later in October, I discovered a major secret with working with both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice– Just insert both these BIG guys to the hilt. Both these Progasm models are different from the other Aneros models. Progasm has a P-tab which positions itself upon your perineum and a K-tab which is placed upon your coccyx )tail bone(. When both these big guys are inserted to the hilt. When that happens, both tabs are correctly positioned and you feel that you are locked in place.

The other major secret that I discovered about these two Progasm bros is that they were constructed ideally for the Kegel Exercises. When I begin working with each of these two models, I perform a good seven 60 second Kegels on them. While doing this, the pleasure begins to build. Then I am ready to let the massage action of these guys begin working both my anal canal and prostate. It is a full body workout with my prostate being well massaged and my anal musculature becoming toned and strengthened. The result of such exercise is absolute pleasure.

Once I began working with my Progasm bros with confidence and delight, all this enabled me to work well with Maximus and Helix Syn. Both these models, I discovered, began to massage my prostate directly.

In early November, I began working with Eupho, for perhaps two sessions. This is a long, slender model which many guys enjoy using. Quite a few guys enjoy sleeping with the Eupho inserted at night too.
About the same time on a Saturday afternoon in November, I tried both the MGX and Helix Classic models for the first time. Both these models were perhaps the earliest models to be marketed by Island Health. Many guys begin with MGX and move on quickly to Helix Classic. I have decided to lay MGX aside for the time being. But he along with Eupho are good candidates for nighttime Aneros sessions asleep in bed. However, with Helix Classic, it was love at first sight. He is a mainstay on my Aneros First Team along his younger brother, Helix Syn, and my adorable Progasm bros and Maximus!

Like I said, I am very fond of all my Aneros buddies and how they love me up! They complement each other in delivering Anerosing which is just getting better and better with each session. There is a session that is seldom a dud. What I like to do is alternate big and small guys in session, although I just love working with Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic as a pair together. I just love how these two big guys work on me in BIG TIME fashion. Their loving is so sexual and manly!

Finally, just study all the various Aneros models from and just let them come into your life. Oh yes, tonight, Progasm Ice has an even younger brother, Progasm Black Ice! The Aneros web site pictures this bruiser as a stylish sports car. Well, I have a different impression of this model, but I'll keep it to myself :(. I think in a day or so, I'll try to purchase this model. Take care!

P.S. A brief summary of each Aneros model in order of my acquaintanceship which may be a useful selection guide:

1. Helix Syn: This is the newest Aneros model. It has a soft silicone overlay which makes it a suitable model for a beginner who has no experience with anal play. Its massage action on the prostate is direct, but not as aggressive as its older brother, Helix Classic.

2. Maximus: This long model is good for a more experienced Aneros user. However, an absolute beginner with Maximus has to overcome the tendency to slip out. A regimen of Kegel Exercises can correct this fault.

3. Progasm Ice: A more experienced user can graduate this this model known for its huge length and girth. Its sleek feel aids in insertion in the anal canal. This model was invented for the Kegel Exercises and hence will enable the man using it to strengthen his anal musculature.

4. Progasm Classic: Same thing is true with this older brother of Progasm Ice. Insertion may be a little painful in the beginning. Experienced users will love its traction. They will love to perform Kegels on this bruiser. Many will esteem this model as their mainstay in Anerosing.

5. Eupho: This Aneros model has a long, yet slender design. Because of this design, many guys prefer this model and may sleep with it inserted.

6. MGX: This is one of the earlier models marketed by Aneros/High Island Health. Its lower stem has a ribbed texture ideal for exercising and massaging the anal muscles. It too is used by many guys for sleeping in bed.

7. Helix Classic: Likewise this is one of the first Aneros models to be marketed. It gives the prostate a direct and vigorous, yet pleasurable massage. Quite a few guys enjoy sleeping with it at night.

8. Progasm Black Ice: Last and night least is this model which I want to purchase very soon. This is the black version of Progasm Ice and has its sleekness. It reminds me of a black stallion!


  1. BigGlansDC So you are now fantasizing about big black horse dick! LOL. Hope it is all you expect it to be.
    A lot safer than the real thing dude.
    You crack me up! You bought a lot of these toys and just left them unused for a while! Thats just funny. Glad you got the guts up to try them in the end.
    Its great you have a friend that you can talk to in the flesh about anerosing. Me being straight would be committing social suicide if I tried. Who knows maybe one day. Least I can talk to my mates on this forum.
    I will let you know how I get on with my new ICE.
    Sexualizing……. I can only think of a glass women like on the start of one of those James Bond movies.
    The only other thing is a icicle and thats not very sexy now is it :(
    Good blog mate!

  2. Well, thank you, braveneworld!

    Well as a gay guy, I didn't want to post my fantasies of making it with black guys such as black American football players or basket players either on the Aneros forum or in my blog.

    Yes, I began purchasing my Aneros models gradually beginning in December 2011. I am glad that the Helix Syn came along in March 2012. That model was the one I began my sessions early June 2013, and then gradually introduced other models as I became more confident in Anerosing.

    Actually talking about the Aneros is not for polite society here in the USA, even among most men, straight or gay.

    Sexualizing my Aneros models fuels my sexual arousal in foreplay as I come to a session.

    Thank you for your compliments on my blog.


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