Fa la la la la aaaah I'm Cummin'

Happy Holidays guys. What a day. So today was the day. The day the pipes will be cleaned. So I have went 11 days with out having a wet orgasm and the last four days went with out riding my toys. So today was the day to get my most best gift of all a beautiful long wet orgasm.

So I opened my regular present with the family and we cooked and just had a relaxing time. I knew they were leaving to go to the county to visit my other family and was staying over night so I was gonna have the house to my self. All alone well it was me and my toys and the bottles of lube that I bought. So they left and I jetted to the bathroom to shower and prep for this great occasion.

As I'm leaving the bathroom I hear the house phone ringing. I know a bill collector could not be hassling me on this day. But no it was just dad to make sure that I refrigerate all the left over food and to be safe. He did not know about my awaiting sessions so he did not understand my urgency of trying to get him off the phone. But he did tell me that I had a surprise in my room in my sock draw that was from the heart and he hoped I liked it.

So we said our good bye's and hung up. I lotion up and got read to fetch my toy but i saw my sock draw starring at me. So I walked my nude body over and opened up the first draw and found a box wrapped up. I tore it opened and it was what I really wanted and craved. He bought me the Vice the same one he has with a extra vibrator. I almost cried but just lubed up and got in position to have the time of my life.

I turned off all the lights and closed the curtains. I was laying but naked with only my eyes giving a slight glow to the room. I turned on my new friend and stuck him in. OH instant sensations. Imagine three hands tickling your balls, prostate and perineum all at the same time. I rocketed to that special Utopia fortress that I love to go to so often and just felt every wave that was presented to me. I cried, moaned, screamed & begged for more. I felt the vibrations all over my body. As I type this the feelings come back to me stronger and very vivid as I was riding all over again. Oh I love being rewired.

Whew now were was I oh yeah I was having a SUPER O. I went straight to the super o and collected my $200 lol. My back was arching and my legs begin to rise. I lifted them higher to give me that nice pounding feeling that I love. All of a sudden my riding buddy popped in my head. He transfers energy so well I'm pretty sure he heard the shudder of my body from his house. He just entered my mind and began to stimulate me even more. Grabbing my nipples and cupping my balls as I rode the biggest waves thus far. I'm still orgasming as I write this. He was rubbing me and continue to send every bit of energy he had my way. As I ride I began to rise. Rise & throb. Og the feeling was unbearable. But I kept with it.

I just locked eyes with him and I continue to breathe in the orgasms and blow out the waves of pleasure to bring me to another high point in my journey. With my balls being played with and nipples being pulled the cum was stirring in my balls and wanted to come out no shoot out. As I looked into his eyes he just gave me the notion to just let go and thats exactly what I did. I came I came so much. On me and on him and so much. I can feel the waves now rushing back to me. I blacked out and when I came to I saw nothing. All I heard was the toy still buzzing and me trying to catch my breathe. Just like I am now. I felt sweat dripping off my nude body and I knew I mad a mess. I got enough energy to turn on the light and had puddles of cum all over the bed. Then I realized. I didn't touch my penis. OMG I had a HFWO. With the help of a good friend I had the best Orgasm thus far in my journey with Aneros. I texted my dad and said that you and took me a good hot shower. That was by far the best gift ever the toy and the orgasm. OK im going to relax now, my body can't take much more.

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  1. Congratulations Big. How do you and your riding buddy help each other? Just started learning and entries like yours inspire me to stay on the path.

  2. He just helps me with my breathing and sends me hot erotic sexy energy to get me going. Were both rewired so we just fantasize and ride the waves that come to us.

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