My Rewiring

The Aneros Forum is replete with references to rewiring; in chat we refer to it all the time. Senior members of the Forum are the ones who have coined this term rewiring. When I got my first massager, a Helix )I now have 11 different Aneros models and I love them all( little did I know how this device would change my life. Beyond granting me exquisitely intense, deep and relentless pleasure these devices have had a profound impact on me even when they are not inserted in me. This impact is what my Aneros Peers refer to as rewiring.

I should add here that I am profoundly grateful to Aneros. I often think of these mysterious devices as keys that when inserted unlock magical doors of pleasure that were hidden from me for years. Other times, usually in the midst of climbing ecstasy that squeezes my anal canal in convulsions of white hot rapture, I think of an Aneros as a fuse that when it reaches its destination ignites an explosion of anguished pleasure. Whichever applies Aneros has accelerated my sexual discovery process and transformed my sexual response. The 14 year effort that I had been on prior to my discovery of Aneros was eclipsed after I first felt the exquisite penetration of that smooth plastic finger giving me my first anal orgasm. Very soon after that I was rewired. The impact of rewiring on me has been profound.

Rewiring to me )there is no standard definition( has been the restructuring of my orgasmic response, the reorganization of my entire sexual perspective, sensitizing new erogenous zones, linking those erogenous zones and my cock and prostate in a unique way, making me exponentially more sensual as a man and opening my mind as a sex organ. Key in the reordering my erogenous zones is the link that has been created between my nipples, my prostate, my anus, my perineum, the base of my cock, my cockhead and my mind. I will discuss the other aspects of my rewiring on another blog entry but I will use this entry to explain the reordering of my erogenous zones by rewiring. The driving force for this entry was a session that I had on a morning a few days ago.

I became acutely aware of the sexual responsiveness of my cock after I was rewired. Specifically I became aware that my frnular cleft was more responsive to pressure than it is to friction. My frenular cleft or the crevice on the underside of my cockhead became a focal point of my sexual response and my ability have male multiple orgasms. This area in my cock is a hypersensitive concentrated area of nerve endings and has become a strategic part of my anatomy to trigger anal orgasms. Moreover it has become linked to my nipples, anus and prostate and the musculature under my perineum and my cock root. Those muscles are the ones that tug at my cock if I contract them hands free and cause my cock to lurch and flop. The erotic sensitivity is enhanced by deep breathing.

Ordinarily when I launch myself into MMO’s the fastest way there is to nestle my cockhead between my wife’s ass cheeks so that the underside of my cock head is lodged at the opening of her anus. The heat and the pressure will instantly begin the sequence that I will describe in a bit. Spooning her in this way guarantees an almost instantaneous MMO. Less effective but almost as good is direct pressure of my cockhead on a pillow or soft mattress. It takes longer to do it this way but with concentration, sufficient arousal at the start and good breathing I can launch myself.

One of the wonderful things about my sexual journey and the MMO discovery path I am on is that it is always revealing something new to me. Every MMO session inevitably teaches me something that I never knew.

Several days ago at 5 AM as sleep was beginning to recede from me, I found myself mostly awake and acutely aware of a very erotic dream I had just had. BTW, erotic dreams are another byproduct of my rewiring; since I have been rewired I tend to have elaborate sexy dreams several nights per week. As I gained consciousness I was aware of a very prodigious erection and a subsequent drool of precum that had wetted my belly; I was lying on my back. I was very – very aroused. My wife was on the other side of the bed and was on her back sleeping very soundly, so spooning her was out of the question.

As I was laying there I felt my cock throbbing and my prostate swelling inside of me )another body awareness attribute of being rewired(. I decided to try to see if I could induce an MMO on my back. I moved to the far side of our king sized bed as to not wake my wife and began to do deep breathing and relax. I parted my legs to allow the muscles in my ass, pelvic floor, anus and thighs to loosen. As I breathed deeply and projected erotic visions in my mind I felt my pulse quicken and the depth of my arousal increase.

After 10 minutes of this my mind was clear of all thoughts except my growing arousal. Mentally I took an inventory of my cockhead, anus, prostate, nipples and perineum. It was like an orchestra maestro rapping his music stand with his baton before a concert to get the attention of the orchestra. When I was assured that all was in ready I began my performance.

While continuing my breathing I wetted the soft tip of the middle finger of my left hand in the crystalline clear palette of precum on my belly. Then taking that slippery finger tip I began to slowly paint a precum circle around the areola of my left nipple. The exquisitely sensual sensation on my nipple triggered an instantaneous tingling – sparkling buzz in my anus. The sensation was riveting. I continued the encircling teasing as the tingling chorus in my anus vibrated in the background.

With the middle finger of my right hand I sought the tiny valley underneath my cockhead where the ridges of my cleft met the underside of the band around my shaft just behind my coronal ridge. Then with the deftness of a master clarinetist pushing a key on his instrument I pressed gently down on the firm smooth skin, which expressed a long drool of cold precum to drip onto my belly. As I felt the precum rolling down my side I felt my cockhead begin to tingle in harmony with my anus and my anus begin to contract and vibrate very quickly; as it contracted it released only to repeat the ratcheting sequence over and over. The sensation of the contraction and release was very arousing and very riveting and in of itself it demanded my concentration. The resulting pleasure quickly began to creep up my rectum towards my prostate like a tide coming in from a stormy sea. The gate of my anus was open and the surge was entering.

It was getting hard to maintain deep breathing as the pressure of this pleasure was boring into my rectum, but with concentration I managed to stay focused. In an MMO, deep breathing is the fuel that fires the inferno. It is important to keep breathing deep and regular. Each deep breath fanned the flames of the MMO that was building inside me.

With my left hand continuing its precum wetted circles around my areola I began to alter its pattern to enhance sensation. Every 5th or 6th circle, I would flick my now erected nipple with my finger, imitating the motion of an on / off cycle on a toggle switch; it was as if my nipple was the toggle switch.

The result was in a word, thunderous. It was as if a huge dark ominous thunder cloud above me roared in an explosive boom as a jolt of lightning rushed up my anus and penetrated me. Inside me the jolt squeezed my prostate intensely causing a spasm of ecstasy to echo inside of me. I gasped audibly, but continued my circling motion. In seconds the spasm subsided. Then again 6 or more circles later I repeated the toggling motion on my nipple. The resulting bolt of orgasmic lightning was even stronger. This time the muscles in my pelvic floor and around my anus and the base of my cock contracted hard in orgasmic response. The pre cum began to stream. The reverberation from the orgasm was profound. I stopped breathing for a second holding my breath to cope with the pleasure that was exploding inside of me.

I slowed the circling motion to regain my breathing and waited for 10 or 15 circles to toggle my nipple again. This time the explosion was instantaneous and extremely powerful. The jolt entered my rectum ripped into me and raced down the core of my cock to my cockhead. My cockhead became the globe at the top of a Van de Graff generator with sparks of electrifying pleasure dancing all over it. The resulting orgasmic spasm was body wide; the sparkling pleasure simultaneously tugged at my nipples, giving me goose bumps and sending my rectum into rapid fire contractions. Instead of subsiding it rose and fell and rose and fell over and over again.

The orgasm seemed to take control of my body and my mind. I felt myself slipping into that hazy erotic place that comes with building MMO pleasure. I lost all sense of place and time and reality. My very being consisted of nothing but orgasmic pleasure, seemingly endless sensations of orgasmic inevitability, punctuated by pumping pulsing throbbing ecstasy. After several minutes I felt myself coming down, as I did I resumed the cycle all over again.

Each successive MMO, was more intense than the previous one, pushing me higher and higher into orgasmic delirium. After an hour and a half the string of orgasmic waves became seamless. It was like a jackhammer pounding out anguished pleasure as it relentlessly pressed on my sex organs Like the finale of a symphony the blending of the various instruments rose in harmonious crescendo and had my heart racing and my mind riveted waiting for the climatic conclusion.

The amazing this about this session that was different than all others I have had is that it was experienced on my back. The instigator was my finger pressing on the cleft under my cockhead and the stimulation of my nipples. Yet again, another miraculous door to my sexuality has been opened.
In the end the cascade of explosions and the resulting pleasure had me mesmerized. When it was over I was light headed and my entire body was buzzing.

The fascinating thing about rewiring is that its impact is expressed in me long after the orgasmic process is over. It has been 3 days since this session described above. My entire attitude has been affected by it. My sexual apparatus is humming, it feels like it has been fine tuned and put on alert; my perspective on daily events has been eroticized and I am in a state of ready arousal 24 hours a day. My relationship with my wife is much more patient and affectionate and my attitude towards women in general has been softened, giving me a view of awe and admiration for the women I deal with every day.

Rewiring has made me a profoundly sensual man. I am eminently more erotic and much more keenly aware of the sensuality that surrounds me.

Perhaps the most surprising thing that has come of all of this is the same eroticism I see in women I now see in men, but that will be a topic of a future entry.

I suspect I will continue to discover new dimensions to the rewiring process in my body. But rest assured readers that as I discover them you will the first ones to find out about it.



  1. Thank you Lingaman. As a newbie this is a height I can only aspire to. However, after only 4 sessions I already am feeling a bit of the everyday awareness you mentioned at the end. It can only get better from here. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for writing. What you have described as a senior man has got to make your boyhood powers and experiences seem almost trivial.

    Another senior guy here is on your trail. I am happy for you for the depth of sexual feelings you have attained thru the rewiring.

    Keep writing.

  3. As a rewired guy myself this just summed up everything. Continue to ride and feel all the great things that come with Aneros. You described it all so well. I had a few MMO's reading this.

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