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Hello all. I wish everyone ha a great Valetines day cause I know i did. I have been holding out for 6 days with out triding or cumming or doing anything stimulating to my body. It was hard turst me i was hard but i stuck through it. But here is how i ended that beautiful blissful wait with a orgasmic heartfelt night.

Well my parents did go out to eat but they didnt stay gone that long for me to do anything which was a bummer. So i knew I had to wait til they went to bed. The life of living with your parents. So as they said there goodights i rushed to the shower to clean up the body and just soak and prepare by body for this beautiful sensatinal ride that I was going to have. I got back to my room. I lite some cookie flavired candles and turned on some nice slow R&B music and pulled out my delicious toy.

He looked so beuatiful shining on the dim lit room. Side ote i was waiting for the ful moon but it was snowing all day so it was hidden so maybe i'll try that tonight. I got in my bed and lube up my hole. At first i just layed there with y toy beside and just soaked in the beautiiul feeling that was already happening. I was having a thrashig a less ride and it felt so good and my eyes were already rolling in the back of my head. I had to cover my mouth a few times cause the pelasure was just that damn good that I wanted to scream it to the world.

So I eventually stuck him in an my hole just ate it right up with one full push. That first direct touch back to my prostate was undescribable. A single tear fell from my right eye which i knew mean i was on my way to a blissful place that i have been away from for to long.

As the candles lite and the music danced all over the walls and into my ears to my prostate I began to shake and rattle and thrust as the progasm began to auto fuck me so damn good. I had to grip the sheets so much the ripped them off and was just bound on the bare bed. Ohhhhh the feeling of my heart racing and my balls were tingling and my dick was throbbing spewing out gallons of pre cum all over the place. I lifted my legs up which made my loving toy go diper and dipper and dipper til i wasnt able to hold back my moans any more. I had to let my pheonix loose and out to sprea its wings. I was trying to control my breathing but so much was happening i thought my head was going to explode. Then it did. My dick stood striagth up with out me touching it and it shot out the most cum i have every seen. It got on the floor, on the bed and from me shattering ad shaking some got on my bottom lip. It tasted so good.

The room was burning hot but y body wated more. It needed more. I haven't cum in six days and my phoenix craved more. So i began to edge my already still hard dick. As more music flowed through the room my nipples began to tingle. I jerked off with my right hand and twisted my nipples with my left. Of the action that was going on inside my body was like different little men was working me over inside of me hiting all my pleasure spots and it felt so good. Pre cum was still flowing and the room felt like a disco inferno. Then i lifted my legs again and started to jerk faster and faster then i heard a voice say to me, "CUM NOW!!!!!". The voice was so stern and manly. I guess it was the Aneros god but I listened and i shot aother huge load all over myself. I ended up passing out from that one.

I didn't wake up this morning til 11:30am. to the smell of bacon cooked by my mom. I can't believe that i fucked myself to sleep. Mind you when i awoke i still had the progasm in me sleeping inside of me all cozy. So yeah thats how I spen my night.

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  1. )BigOLuvr, I posted this as a reply to your post on Aneros Forum earlier this afternoon]

    Wow, romancing your Progasm Ice, @BigOLuvr, late at night on St Valentine's Night, and on a night of the full moon! And wow, all this of six days of abstinence from both masturbation and Anerosing! And wow, your Progasm Ice autof**king you! Well, you deserved this loving, living as you do under the roof of your parents' house.

    Well, I used my Progasm Ice for the first time in several weeks late this morning. He autof**ked me so sweetly and completely. Actually he really sent me!

    @BigOLuvr, you are a real inspiration to us all in showing us the way to Aneros bliss!


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