I recently was thinking about the most popular topics I have written about in the various blogs I have posted. When I looked at the Word Press Analytics when I had the WP blog the top ten topics for me were cock, cum, prostate orgasm, balls, dry orgasm, anal sex, cockhead, penis and anal orgasm.

Clearly all of you here on Aneros and me as well have an interest in male orgasm and male sexuality. For me this last quarter of my life has been a discovery of my sexuality and sexual response. As it turns out it this period has been dominated by MMO and my rewiring. These popular topics are a reflection of my sexual life experience but more accurately they are a reflection of my self discovery.

Obviously J has been and still is a huge part of my sex life. What I have done in these last 18 years is compartmentalize my sex life; I have my intimate connection with her through fucking and I have my solo self directed MMO driven sex life. They exist in two different worlds. I have several entries that discuss this division in my sexual response and my sexual life. However to my great joy, very slowly, those two worlds seem to be moving closer together as discussed in a post prior to this one.

In the last two years J has been a participant on a number of occasions in some MMO sessions of mine as described in that post. Her involvement has been through massage, passively offering her derriere to help me launch as well as providing erotic incentive in sessions by sucking my nipples or doing prostate massage with her fingers. The closest I had come to her being involved with me was caressing my cock with her pussy lips )externally( as I MMOed, effectively frotting my cock with her pussy mouth and lips; at least that was it until a morning that I shall now describe. This particular morning I had my first MMO in J’s pussy. It was a milestone and it was beyond incredible.

For the better part of the last couple of years I have been doing MMO sessions every morning. These sessions are self induced without the insertion of anything in my anus. The impact of this has been that it is now extremely easy for me to launch into really intense orgasms. Most times I will go from nothing to full blown hard orgasm in less than 5 minutes.

This night while cruising on line I found a thread in a forum on frotting and humping. There is something both vulgar and deeply sensual about pelvic thrusting nude against the skin, sex organs or anus of a man or woman. This particular thread and referred videos featured both men and women. I must admit I found the cock frotting particularly arousing. So by the time I got to bed I was sufficiently aroused to do a really nice session.

As often happens when my mind has been piqued by erotica, I will have a very erotic dream after a hot chat, erotic writing or watching erotic videos. This was the case that night. Sleep delivered me to my usual early morning wake up at 4:30 AM with a prominent erection and a profound hunger for multiple orgasms. With J’s warm derriere bared next to me, I slid over to her, docked between her hot ass cheeks with my cockhead against her anus and launched; the pleasure waves began immediately. They started as subtle and sensual as they initiated gentle spasms in my anal canal. As each wave washed into my anus I timed a deep cleansing breath right behind it which intensified it and forcing my anus open and pushing the spasm deeper into my anal canal. Every third or fourth spasm I toggled my nipple and consciously tried to suppress the orgasms desire to contract my anus. In my mind I felt like I was riding an escalator that was taking me higher and higher increasing the pleasure that was flowing into me through my gapping anus.

For many minutes I rode the escalator pushing myself to see how much pleasure I could build up and how much I could stand. Every minute or so I succumbed and let the orgasmic spasm have its way letting it contract my anal canal and blossom into divinely echoing pleasure waves. The chains of pleasure waves became stronger and stronger as I breathed them , reaching an almost excruciating level. Each pleasure spasm brought a delightful chill that ran up my spine, raised goose bumps on my skin and flooded my mind with lurid sexual images.

My experience has conditioned me to be able to stop and start orgasms and restart them whenever I want with little or no warm up. I think of it as an orgasmic escalator that is running whether I am on it or not. I can get on it at any time to side it to orgasmic bliss quickly and effortlessly.

Embracing J, I felt like I was laying on the warm sand of a beach as waves of warm sexual delight gently washed over me in rhythmic cadence. She was the warm sun on my naked skin stirring me to daydream erotic thoughts and images. The minutes turned to a half hour and my mind began to wander as the pleasurable tension ceased modulating; the sensation of intense spasm gripped me and would not let me down. It is the modulation of the recurring rising and falling pleasure waves that defines the chains of orgasms and makes them so incredibly blissful. When they meld together into one long hard contraction they are borderline excruciating.

So I rolled away from her and lay on my back allowing the pleasure to resonate and echo inside of me.

It was five AM. I lay on my back and tried to relax my anus and loosen my muscles. My semi erect cock hung to the side and dribbled pre cum on my hip. Slowly I felt my anus begin to release and my anal canal start to relax. After a few minutes I raised my hands to my erected nipples and I began to toggle them as I took rapid breaths.

Immediately the pleasure waves started again, this time with greater determination and intensity at the start. I gasped quietly. I began to engage some of my most treasured erotic fantasies, first starting with memories of licking and sucking J pussy and driving her to stiffening orgasm. Then I thought of sleeping with and stroking some of my female friend’s vaginas delivering shuddering orgasms to their pussies. I then began to think about guys I knew who I would like to frot with as I had seen in the videos before I went to bed.

The image of my cock rubbing another cock with the frottage getting a boost from our shared precum forced my orgasm to shriek and wail its ecstasy.

The impact of the fantasies on the MMO was like pouring gasoline on a fire. The pleasure spasms roared and gripped me with such ferocity my legs trembled. My cock was hanging free semi erect not touching anything. In the absence of pressure on my frenulum the power of the orgasmic spasm was gathering in my perineum just behind my balls and squeezing me. I could feel my prostate tightening and hardening like a steel spring being wound to its limit. I struggled to breathe and pushed the pleasure spasm as hard as I could, then I just let it go.

The resulting wave of orgasms was so agonizingly sweet and intense that I opened my legs and lay perfectly still in surrender to them. My mind was not in control, my body was and it craved orgasmic pleasure. Legions of involuntary spasms rushed into my anus like a torrent and took control of my prostate, my perineum and anus and delivered thirst quenching orgasms to my wildly twitching anus.

As I lay there legs parted it felt as if a divine spike was being thrust into my perineum just behind my balls. However as this spike pierced my skin penetrating deep into my body, it did not cause pain. Instead it injected me with searing hot ecstasy; the sensation was thrilling, gratifying and arousing at the same time. The pleasure was so agonizing it was blissful. Over and over the spike penetrated me and pushed all conscious thought out of my mind filling me with steaming hot pleasure. I was helplessly impaled.

The next forty five minutes or more had me riding wave after wave of sweet orgasm without coming down. The modulation of the waves was deep, pushing me down and raising me up to the pinnacle of pleasure over and over again; it was an endless erotic rollercoaster.

Somehow the thrilling desperation of recurring orgasm dulled my mind and fatigued my body. I don’t remember how or when but I fell asleep. It wasn’t a sound sleep, I was drifting in and out from a pleasant haze of unconsciousness to the relaxing warm and erotic softness of the bed and J’s very feminine body next to me. But as I slept the warm tongue of sexual desire was licking my cock and teasing it as its wanton lips were sucking me to hardness; in my sleep visions of my fantasies drifted in and out of my sleeping mind.

MMO’s deliver me to a particular state of arousal that is unlike any other kind of arousal I experience. There is a depth, sensuality and richness to the desire that is equivalent to a deep parched thirst. In this state I feel the need for sex and the release of orgasm in the very core of my being. Because of the solitary nature of MMO, it is felt and witnessed by no one but me. No one can experience the profound desire and resulting ecstasy that I do. But the orgasm that I desire now must be witnessed. The exhibitionist in me and the adoring sex partner in me want to share the elation of orgasmic release and have J experience it with me.

It was 8:30 AM when I awoke. J was fully awake cuddled up me to me. Her hands were stroking my chest and teasing my nipples. My cock was stone hard. There was no need for words. I kissed her temple and began to massage her back drawing her closer to me so that her breasts were pressed against my chest. I suddenly realized that she had shed her nightgown, her feminine sexuality radiated from her skin and was bathing me. As I kissed her head and neck she tenderly grasped my cock shaft and squeezed it expressing a drool of precum to hang from my slit and land on my belly. She claimed the warm slippery expression of my passion from my belly and cock head and belly and coated my shaft with it.

With no foreplay and with no fanfare she mounted me as I lay on my back, impaling herself on my cock pike. I slid my steel penis effortlessly into her glistening wet pussy. The heat of her desire engulfed my cock and inflamed my prostate. When my cock was seated in the pit of her feminine love hole she settled in to savor the gratifying sensation of being penetrated to the hilt. I embraced her and relished the divine satisfaction of being inside her warm pussy. Holding her I began to kiss the nape of her neck.

Then, amazingly it began. The familiar sensation of an MMO pleasure wave building. I was incredulous. I stroked the back of her head and whispered to her to just lay there and relax as I hoped that I could blossom into an MMO and not cum in her. As I stroked her back I could feel the escalator starting up. I got on and began to breathe deeply as I held her tightly and prayed that I could with hold my cum. I whispered to her again. This time I told her I thought I was going to MMO and she should just lay there and let me caress her and love her. She said nothing but kissed her acknowledgement.

Her soft warm and deliciously wet pussy was gently sucking on my cock as she lay perfectly still on my chest. My breathing was slow and deep fueling the fire that was building up inside me. That state of mind I mentioned above that occurs in mindful arousal as I embrace J began to materialize and saturate my brain. It brought a sense of contentment, desire, arousal and sexual desperation that cannot be articulated. Its power invaded my mind and severed the connection of my brain to my muscles and my conscious control of bodily function. It demands that I obey it and feel it and feel nothing else. As her pussy caressed cock shaft it held frenular cleft against her rigid cervix; I could feel the opening of her womb kiss my cock head as her pussy held it in place. I was immobilized with the paralysis of desire and my mind was adrift in a sensual sea of erotic pleasure.

She knows my sexual response and she is familiar with my MMO process. She also knows how responsive my nipples are. So she broke the spell of my caress and raised herself up to sit on my cock in cowgirl position. She then reached down with her elegant feminine fingers and began to tease, pinch and toggle my nipples.

The result was an electric jolt of orgasmic passion that ran from my nipples straight to my asshole to pry it open and rush deep into my anal canal to seize my prostate and squeeze it. The invasion caused my cock to vibrate as precum was pumped down my penis to dribble into her.

I groaned as I was thrust to the top of the orgasmic escalator; then abruptly I was cast into the arms of orgasmic ecstasy. . In that fraction of the moment between excruciating need to orgasm and the start of my orgasmic spasm I felt the searing steamy heat of the inside of her pussy sucking my very soul from my cock slit. My mind raced in desperation to savor the anguished delight of this moment and then I felt her fingers delivering tortuous pleasure to my aching nipples.

In that flash of a second I got sucked into the orgasmic spasm. My anal canal was pried open and my canal was spasming trying gulp the orgasmic sensation as it rushed into me. She watched in fascination as she tugged on my nipples and whispered nasty descriptions of what she saw as the MMO greedily took control of me. I was drowning in profoundly intense orgasmic sensation. I struggled to breathe as she relentlessly pinched my nipples and tenderly squeezed my cock with the muscles of her pussy.

The orgasmic spasms were pounding inside of me with the regularity of a massive clock works. Each pounding spasm caused an echo of riveting euphoria to spread through my body. Each rich resonant spasm caused the next euphoric echo to resound again. Over and over the pleasure waves crushed my will as they milked my prostate and fanned the flames of my ardor. The heat of her pussy seemed to urge and guide the MMO in a way that I have never experienced.

Her body had taken over mine. She was clearly in control of my MMO now. In the seven years I have been experiencing MMO’s my body or my mind was always in control. Not now. She had domain over my orgasm, and she knew it. She played my rapture like a puppet master dangling me on a string, my cock was the string that she held with a grip of iron. She could feel my cockhead pulsing helplessly her pussy as she exhorted my nipples to harden even more.

She looked into my eyes; in my orgasmic daze I realized she could see my anguished confusion as I was overwhelmed by the chains orgasmic waves. I felt the orgasm grip me and hold me as rapture filled me. I struggled to cope with the powerful spasms that were increasing in their intensity; I struggled to support them with my breathing. My nipples were on fire as she taunted them and pushed me harder and harder to the edge of my sanity.

The spasms drilled into me relentlessly pushing me higher and higher testing my body’s ability to experience orgasmic pleasure. I cling to J’s thighs as she pushed me further than I thought I could endure. Then in a melodic crescendo I broke through the clouds in a starburst of cascading pleasure spasms; they made me whine in delirious surrender. The contractions gripped my anus and entered it creeping deep into my anal canal to wrap around my prostate and squeeze it. Then as my prostate quivered in response to a delicate invasion the tingling spasm crept down to the tip of my cock deep inside her pussy leaving a trail of tingling delight in the core of my penis. Then the spasm gripped my cockhead and entered back into my cock slit to travel back up to my prostate and pierce it once more and then to ripple down my anal tract to make my anus quiver in another pleasurable contraction.

For 20 minutes she played me as if I was her instrument, eliciting from me mysterious silent music that only I could hear. Each chorus she played on me expressed itself in myriad sensations, spasms, rhythms and echoes. She stopped teasing my nipples )she told me later( only because she feared that I was going to have a heart attack if she sustained the MMO.

During the almost thirty minutes of excruciating MMO pleasure she sat motionless nursing on my cock with her pussy. When she stopped pleasuring my nipples she committed to bring the session to a wet ending by sucking the cum from me in an ejaculatory climax. She began to grind her clit on my pubic bone and rock her pelvis back and forth as she held my cock in her canal. Her thrusts tugged on my cock, making my perineum tense and begin to MMO. But she had other plans, she was going to milk me to finish me. She raised her pussy off my pubic bone a few inches and thrust back down again squeezing it as she raised herself, effectively milking me. Over and over again she repeated her tugging squeezing as she tried to suck the cum from me. The sensation was beyond description.

My prostate and balls were primed and full of cum and desperate for release. I couldn’t last long under her skillful manipulation, and I didn’t. As her pussy artfully milked the cream of my desire from my aching balls and from the quivering gland inside of me my anus flexed and my prostate convulsed violently expelling a thick hot rope of cum deep into her pussy. Again and again a third time I pissed my steaming load into her.

When it was over my ears were ringing my anus was gently pulsing and my cock shuddered the aftershocks of orgasm as it softened and fell out of her.

She lay back on my chest and I put my arms around her. We had come to this milestone point together and MMO would never be the same again.



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