Struggling, Did Put Aneros In While I’m Work, Works?

I am still struggling for achieving Super-O, it’s already 10 months and I only managed to get 1 successful P-Wave.

I am working online from home, my office is my bedroom and I work myself alone.

Most of the time I will sitting in my chair doing my work.

I am wondering, is it gonna help if I put in the aneros while I’m work?



  1. This would ultimately be counterproductive in my opinion, when using the Aneros you want to be in a relaxed state and while you may occasionally feel something while working it’d likely just serve as a minor and short distraction.

    What product are you using?

  2. It may not help you, yet it may. If you want to wear it at work, then do so. It’s ultimately your choice. Be mindful of advice you heed. Many dispensers of advice are often in a place of stagnation.

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