Possible Super O Pro tip: Cut/shorten the handle off the helix syn

This is based purely off of personal experience and I won’t claim that this is a guaranteed method to get you to super o land, but it worked for me on the first try. I’ve only been exploring aneros for about 3 months now.

First off if you search for “remove handle helix syn,” you’ll see lots of posts on the official forum about other users that have done this modification. It’s particularly effective for use while laying on your back.


* Used a hack saw to remove the red curl, leaving about .75 – 1 inch of the red plastic.

* used a high grain sandpaper (2000-3000 grit) to smooth out the cut tip

Without that pesky red curly handle, the helix moves around on a completely different level. Let me tell you, the super o is everything others mention (involuntary lip biting, full body pulsating pleasure, uncontrollable back arching, moaning, and more.) I actually had to take it out because I was actually a bit scared of the feeling. Even without the toy, I felt the aftershocks every 20-30 seconds and a hot glowing warmth in the groin area where the leg connects to the pelvis. This lasted about 15-20 minutes after removal.


1. You’re responsible for your own modifications.
2. A little bit of indica MJ was involved which may have contributed to the success.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/bgodru/possible_super_o_pro_tip_cutshorten_the_handle/


  1. I tried doing this on my normal Helix a while ago and I was surprised by how incredibly dense the plastic was. I wasn’t even able to cut it haha. I always am on my back and I noticed that the tail always gets pushed a little by the bed. I may try this since I’ve had this one for like 6 years and still haven’t had a super o. I have had some drys and lots of wets with it tho.

  2. Man, I love smoking pot before any type of sexual interactions. Everything seems to FEEL awesome.

  3. I cut mine with scissors and the used a lighter to melt/smooth the end. I don’t reccomend burning plastic though. Not my best idea.

  4. I’ve had mine for 2 years with no success. Read this and gave it a shot since I was ready to give up anyway. Holy fuck balls am I glad I did. It was amazing. I actually had an HFO the first try.

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