My first big anal orgasm, helped by my Progasm Ice, but still having trouble using the toy by itself to get an orgasm

So I just had what I perceived to be an unbelievably huge anal orgasm. I’ve been an Aneros user for over a year now, and I know this is probably sacrilegious but mainly just using my Helix Syn as a buttplug. I adore my Helix Syn but it never quite did the trick in terms of hitting my p-spot, but it feels great to have in and I love using it when having sex with my girlfriend.

Since investing in a Helix Syn I’ve become more accustomed to anal play in general, using vibrating butt plugs of various sizes and even some dildos. So far as anal play goes the furthest to a prostate/anal orgasm I’ve found has been using a silicone dildo (around 6 inches long and 4.5 around). I’ve found by basically coating it in good lube and pushing it in and out works a treat, great internal sensations and I can hit my prostate well. I’ve had what I thought was close to an anal orgasm using this fairly standard method before but nothing mind blowing, until this evening.

I recently bought myself a Progasm Ice, my logic being that I thought my prostate was further in than my Helix Syn was hitting and I enjoy larger toys in general these days. I devoted a few long time sessions recently following the steps on the aneros wiki sites and various other places on the internet hinting at how to reach super O. According to the milestones page I’m pretty much at ‘observation of slight involuntary contractions’ stage, though I do find grinding after a long while to be quite nice. I’m still not 100% sure I’ve had a p-wave yet, although in the session before last I was convinced I did as I managed to have an involuntary contraction which felt *really* good, but alas I couldn’t get another one in that session.

Today, I was unsuccessful at achieving much more than nice feelings from grinding. I am getting more skilled at manoeuvring the device inside me and recognising prostate pleasure. After giving up today, I switched to my trusty silicone dildo to try and have some more fun and to my surprise I had probably the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had, or very much up there. Was watching some porn (lesbians/strapon/pantyhose – that stuff makes me crazy), and using this dildo after the Progasm Ice got me worked up and after a short while I basically just went to town on my ass with this dildo and experienced this almighty feeling which must’ve been an anal orgasm. It was dry, no cum, but it did feel like I was going to for a while. I was shaking afterwards and just had to lie down for a few minutes to catch up with myself!

My dilemma now is knowing that despite getting some pretty good sensations from my Progasm Ice, and I do think over time the sensations will get better, I now know I can completely lose it using a dildo during a high state of arousal. How to I move on from here? Can I achieve the same kind of orgasms with my Aneros? (The legendary Super – O?)

Apologies if this was somewhat incoherent, amazingly I’m still reeling from the orgasm I had an hour ago, it prompted me to query this on Reddit with a new account!

Progasm Ice – good sensations, trusty silicone dildo, crazy orgasm, how do I move on getting used to my Aneros?


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  1. The Aneros purists may find my answer unpopular, but I wouldn’t worry so much about the role of the Aneros in the pleasure process. At the end of the day, what makes the Aneros work is the “rewiring” process. Your body actually has to learn how to accept pleasure from this new erogenous zone. Whether that happens through the Aneros, or any other implement is pretty much irrelevant. If you can continue to reach orgasm through the dildo, then go for it. Using your Aneros afterwards will yield better and better results.


    I took about 10 months to “master” the Aneros. I consider it my training wheels and I no longer use it at all. For me, I have trained my body and mind to be able to replicate the sensations of the Aneros without its presence. I can mentally bring myself to prostate orgasm in about 1 minutes time, and am generally reaching super-O territory in 5 to 10 minutes. To do this requires me to be laying on my back with eyes closed and free of distraction. I can sometimes do it while in a chair with my eyes open, but its much more difficult. The reason it works is because my body is “in tune” with the feelings generated by my prostate. To accomplish this, I lay on my back, knees bent. I close my eyes. I do three quick but firm PC contractions. I think of it as knocking on the door to my Prostate. Then I breathe long shallow breaths and wait. It takes usually about 3 to 5 seconds and I start to feel a tingle in my prostate. I just focus on that feeling and the pleasure. It grows on its own. Eventually a slow smile will start to come across my face all by itself. I continue to breathe slow and focus on the pleasure. As the pleasure builds, I can feel the muscles in my anus slowly contracting like when you’re about to hit the point of no return on a traditional orgasm. I stay relaxed, just think about the pleasure and let the tension build until my abdomen contracts hard and my PC muscles clench uncontrollably. If when reaching this point of orgasm I can relax all my muscles consciously, the process will escalate on its own with a series of increasingly powerful prostate orgasms until it slowly builds into a full body Super-O. The Super-O comes on slowly and then just builds and builds till all of my limbs feel electrified. It lasts about 45 seconds to 90 seconds.


    Hope this helps to clarify the process. The acknowledgement of pleasure, the ability to be happy with what you receive, and not pushing yourself to try to achieve orgasm are the keys to success here. As you practice, your body is building new neural connections that enable greater levels of pleasure. Once you reach the first orgasm (as you have) subsequent ones get easier and easier. But don’t lose sight of the fact that this is not a normal penile orgasm. You can’t force it to happen. Being more aggressive or applying more pressure, etc. isn’t going to help. You have to submit to the feelings, allow your body to become over stimulated, and you have to sort of fall into the orgasm here.


    All the best on your journey.

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