Three entirely different experiences in a week? How do you guys get in the mood?

So I’ve been playing with the aneros helix syn trident for about a week now, and

Session 1

Wow, what an introduction. I was nervous but excited. The toy was probably the smallest thing I’ve put in my ass besides my fingers, so it slid right in. I laid down on my side and just gently breathed in and out, doing weak kegels with the toy inside.

It felt…interesting, but I started to shake. I shook HARD. I started to get pretty emotional, and I just shook a lot. It was a weird feeling because I wasn’t feeling definite pleasure, but I was shaking and I did feel a rush of warm emotions and stuff. It’s like I felt an orgasm without the pleasure, if that makes any sense at all.

I went at it again, and again until my body gave out. I started to slow down and contract my muscles. I started to shake less, and instead I started to feel a bit of pleasure mixed with the urge to pee. I did this until I calmed down and washed up.

I still liked it, and I’m like…VERY excited to experience what a real orgasm is like. It only made my desire stronger.

Session 2

Coming from session one I didn’t know what to expect. I just repeated the stimuli from the night before, and I decided to take it slower. I assumed the same positions I did from session one and just squeezed. I didn’t feel the shakes or emotions from the first night, but instead I felt very calm waves of pleasure pushing out from my abs to about the middle of my torso, maybe a bit of my thighs. Calm, diluted, but nice feeling.

I ended up keeping it in there for THREE HOURS. Lost track of time, just enjoying the ride, exploring. At one point I literally pulled out my phone and I just browsed the internet while squeezing, which was nice and calm.

Session 3

Came back from class after a long day. I was tired, I preped, and decided to try and get myself aroused for the night.

It legitimately hurt to put the toy tonight, and this was probably a sign I should have called it a night. I kept fiddling with the toy, changing positions, getting kinda annoyed. I wanted to quit but I felt bad if I did. Honestly I’m kinda upset at myself for it.

Honestly, I still don’t know where my prostate is. When I contract (and am aroused), I can feel slight waves of pleasure around my abdomen, but it feels really high up to be my prostate. If it is, that’s great, but I don’t know if I’m just misinterpreting something else

I’m like really trying to fight off my frustration and stay calm and aroused, but it’s just like I really feel like I wanna rush it. I feel like I’m so close to something but so far. Obviously arousal is a HUGE factor, and forcing it doesn’t seem right, but even during the days I’m not in the mood I’m still down to try.

I’m like…just super into it now but it’s hard for me not to get frustrated, and I honestly don’t know what makes a good session and what doesn’t. I think nofap helped, and I think tonight did feel a bit forced, but I don’t know how to get myself in the mood and mindset of the first two sessions exactly.



  1. Only u/anxious_ femboy knows how to get himself in the mood. Be more proactive in your journey.

  2. Each session is different… and I mean REALLY different. From stillness to a lot of body movement, from hard pulsating pleasure to very slowly increasing warmth, and sometimes just nothing
    Basically I advise you to connect with your mood in the moment instead of trying to replicate another night’s stimuli
    Sometimes you’ll feel like staying still and breathing deeply, or maybe watch porn, or listen to audio sexual hypnosis, or stimulate you body in many ways… enjoy each session for what it is… and if you are not in the mood, just respect it 🙂

  3. Honestly the best thing I do is just wait until it goes from a feeling of wanting to a feeling of *needing*. Once that desire for aneros hits that unbeatable urge, it’s an incredible experience. Never try to force it, if you just want to cum, just jerk off. But if you want an experience, that’s exactly when it’s time. You just know.

  4. I think there’s nothing you can do about this. I’m only 9no I’m on this journey. The past two weeks I spent a lot of time with my prostate. Here’s the results
    -2 weeks ago I had about 3 super Os in a 2hr session but they were spaced apart by 30mins
    -Last week had a dud session. No discomfort but I felt nothing for 2hrs. Gave up
    -the next day my prostate was buzzing. I did some kegels with no toy at night and had about a dozen p waves.
    -the day after that it was buzzing even harder. Took minimal effort to get aless p waves. Got naked. Laid on my back and had 4 super Os in an hour. No toy.
    -an hour later I fucked my wife. Then 2hrs after that. More buzzing. So I got naked again. This time I had a 3min long orgasm that ended with a hands feee wet orgasm.
    -gave it a rest for a few days. Last night I tried aless again and came so so close. So I put the toy in and got even closer. But no super O.

    Every experience is different.

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