Avoiding the dick or edging before a session?

I’ve been playing with my Aneros (Helix Trident) for7-8 months now, every now and then, and I never achieve a hands free orgasm. I will try new postures and maybe I’ll buy an Eupho, but I’d like to know if I should try a different strategy.

So far, what I do is refraining for masturbating for 3-4 days, sometimes even more than a week, and without never touching my dick, get very aroused with porn and go with it, playing with my Helix Trident. I never get to the point, never. Sometimes I’m more relaxed, sometimes I’m less, sometimes I get more pleasure, sometimes less… And lately, sometimes I barely feel pleasure. It depends on the day, but I never get to any kind of resolution or great pleasure. I can notice when I get more aroused, rarely my prostate swells, and I feel more pleasure. But no orgasms of any kind.

So now I was thinking… What if I watch good porn and jerk off for a while until reaching the edge… and then rest for a bit and get into the prostate play with my Aneros? Would that be more effective than avoiding my dick? Or it could be cheating in order to get a penile-induced orgasm more easily?

I’d like to hear your thoughts or if anyone has tried this approach instead of the total deprivation of penile stimulation.

Thank you.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/dnlnb3/avoiding_the_dick_or_edging_before_a_session/


  1. I’m caged in chastity right now, and have only now had the best results with my Helix! After 5-7 days, I added to it by smoking a little weed… and have actually had to stop as I’m not allowed to cum without my Mistress’s permission… otherwise I would have for sure! I’m in for nearly a year of trying now.

  2. Two things.

    1. Go ahead and get all horny however you like! Only time to not touch cock is while riding and re-wiring. I avoided everything in early days and had ‘nothing’ too. Then, I prepp’d myself, started edging like normal and inserting Helix. Found much easier to insert being all horned up and the ‘warm feeling’ came faster. I also found myself watching Aneros porn and imitating the user and wow did that amp it up!
    2. For orgasm its all about drinking in the warmth and letting go. No chasing or pushing, just enjoying.

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