Constipated after Aneros sessions.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong or going too hard, but on 3 separate occasions now I’ve made myself ill after sessions.

I think the toys may have been putting too much pressure on my bladder or something? I don’t really feel much at the time but then 24 hours after some sessions my urine flow is difficult, passing stool becomes very difficult, and I generally feel constipated, bloated, and sick.

These symptoms can last for up to a week before returning to normal. It’s very disheartening because this never used to happen to me but now it’s becoming more and more common and it’s putting me off my Aneros toys 🙁

Does anyone else experience this?

for the record, I usually use Helix Syn Trident and/or Maximus Trident. i often use weed and poppers to help out. sessions can last anywhere from 1 to 3 or 4 hours (with breaks) no more than 1 or 2 times per week (usually 1 time)



  1. For me it is the opposite, because I usually use lots of lube, and lube contains glycerin and that makes me go to the bathroom the next day. I’m witting this from the toilet BTW, last night I had a session, and I suspect I used tons of lube, because just after an hour of getting up I’ve felt the urge to poo. Lube (at least water-based lube with glycerin) is pretty laxative. So there you have another reason to use a lot of lube 😀

  2. It sounds like you’re overtraining your pelvic floor muscles. I’d do shorter sessions for sure and make sure that you stretch/relax your pelvic floor after a session

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