Real headway: hold it steady

Hey all, first time commenting, but I’ve been lurking for a while. I hit a new level this evening.

My wife was talking with a relative on the phone so I figured I’d have a good hour or so I disturbed, so I put in my helix syn trident. I’ve been trying various things, but tonight I think I finally figured out the key. While in the past I focused a great deal on intentional contractions, tonight 90% of my focus was just upon maintaining the position of the device. Once I felt the tingles begin in my prostate and I could tell I was hitting the spot, I focused entirely on keeping it there. If it shifted, I immediately shifted to put it back (and I think it’s beginning to become muscle memory).

While holding in place, I tried to very lightly contract my outer sphincter—like the lightest I could. Again, keeping the device in position was my focus. But then everything involuntary started happening: many small contractions, legs shaking, harder contractions, tingling everywhere, eyes rolling back in my head and twitching, feeling my pulse throughout my body which also seemed to help the sensations, and, I just tried to hold it there and ride the waves.

Eventually I became aware that my dick was leaking, got the need to pee sensation, and it kept going. Eventually I had to let it go simply to get a moment of rest.

I don’t think it was a super-o, but it was amazing! Definitely a believer. Before it’s been nice and I’ve had good experiences, but this was a different level altogether.

Is this similar to your experience? Would you say holding it in place is the most important part? Any tips or suggestions for someone at this point?



  1. Congrats!

    I think I can relate to the “hold in place” theory. Part of my technique is clenching/bearing down on the device and being aware of where the thing is and what it’s touching. After a while, the slight pressure I’m maintaining leads to the involuntaries.

    I guess I would describe my involuntaries as two types. 1 – random twitching. 2 – rhythmic/series twitching.

    I kinda clench down and hold and try and count while focusing on nothing but the sensation of where the Aneros is. At some point in some of the clenches, so much focus is on the sensation and not the muscle hold, and I realize I’m not clenching as hard or barely at all. So I tighten the clench again while maintaining focus on where that son of a bitch is inside of me. At some point during the clench or during the release of the clench (trying to just 100% relax) my prostate/PC/sphincter muscles all go WOOP. That’s the 1 I’m describing.

    At some point, those 1s become more than just a, whoop, feeling… It’ll start tickling something. And the 1s come faster and faster then suddenly it’s nothing but 1s that’s the 2 I’m describing.

    At that point, I try to do absolutely nothing outside of breathing and focusing on what’s happening down there and for me that’s the start of that feedback loop. The involuntaries lead to the buzzing. The twitching involuntarily moves the device into the thing that’s buzzing… Which causes another twitch which causes it to hit itself with the device… So on and so forth. Jesus Christ when you get there, mind blowing.

  2. Sounds awesome! Could I ask if you were already aroused prior to inserting the toy? That’s something I’ve been trying to figure out for myself.

  3. I’ve had similar experiences. I think I was first using too much force and pressing the toys hard against my prostate. I wasn’t getting the desired results so I kept applying more and more pressure.

    At some point I somehow ended up just using very light pressure and basically just holding a toy in the same place, pressing lightly against the prostate. Then the involuntary contractions started, my pulse started going higher and higher and it was almost scary. I was afraid I would pass out.

  4. When you say “lightly contract my outer sphincter”, does this mean you are bearing down slightly (pushing out)? I’ve not been able to split the “pull in” sphincter motions from my PC flexes so I’m not sure how to achieve this otherwise.

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