Best session ever! Found the “sweet spot”

Have had the helix for 2 months, probably 15-20 sessions in. Today I had an hour session that was amazing. At the peak of my session, I was able to have a 2 minute long p wave that had me moaning.

I was able to prolong this feeling by finding the sweet spot. Whenever you find the right balance of PC/sphincter contraction and start getting involuntaries, try to “hold it in place”. I found this sensitive spot and held it there and the buzzing/involutaries just got stronger and more intense. It felt like something was vibrating inside me and my whole body is shaking. Then while I held it in place with my sphincter, I started very lightly contracting my PC muscle in a waving motion. Every time I would release the sphincter muscle, the muscles would slow down the buzzing but a huge flash of warmth and electricity goes through my lower body. I then lightly squeeze the PC muscle again and the buzzing and involuntaries start up again. I probably went from flaccid to rock hard 5 times. I could feel an orgasm coming on, but not an ejaculation.

The feeling of contractions of an orgasm sensation, but all mainly centered in the prostate, PC, sphincter. Still felt in my penis, but not like a traditional orgasm.

Almost there!


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  1. I think you had a prostate orgasm…

    it’s not almost there! You were there! For 2 minutes.

    keep practicing and these orgasms will be more and more strong and long.

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