Nearly five months ,no orgasm’s as yet but nice feelings ,and sitting at times with pressure on my perineum feels erotic. I get a lot of clamping going on during a session and sometimes that is a little uncomfortable,is that normal ? I do maybe 3 sessions a week normally 1 and half hours each time sometimes 2 hours ,is this too much ?



  1. Try to relax more. Better results if you just relax. As for time, if it’s not affecting your job or home life party on.

  2. You need to literally get that inside your ass and relax like you’re letting your prostate goes down to a point that covers up the aneros. That’s how I was able to get my first Super O. Literally like your insides are melting down and ready to top the toy. Focus on that, with some breath exercises and you’ll get it

  3. When clenching, less can be more. Think of clenching at like 30% or whatever just enough so you feel a difference and hold that.

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