About to have house to myself – what would you do?

Having a family makes it difficult to have regular aneros sessions. Luckily I’m about to have the house to myself for a couple days this weekend. What would your routine be leading up to and during the aneros session in this scenario in order to maximize results? Here is what I have planned for now:

*abstain from orgasm starting today.
*edge as much as possible between now and whatever day I decide to try a session
*exercise, drink water, basically try to do a mini cleanse to clear out my bowels
*wear butt plugs to acclimate my rectum/sphincter

day of:
*edge like crazy, psych myself up and really get my libido going
*eat light meals/snacks and hydrate
*maybe smoke a little weed or do some shrooms
*get going with some porn, maybe break out my bad dragon sleeve and some dildos
*insert aneros followed by some meditation, maybe with some binaural beats playing
*keep expectations low and see where things go

What would your routine look like in a similar situation?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/iya8s5/about_to_have_house_to_myself_what_would_you_do/


  1. I would do some heavy exercise on the morning you want to use your aneros. I find it hard not to relax my body and mind in su h circumstances.

  2. Best when home alone is to let go and get loud. No holding back any of the groans, shouts, or cries from Aneros working you over. Being so open and free makes Super O’s soo good!

  3. Prior to the day I would use Aneros within underwear and try to stimulate my prostate as much as possible. So when the D-Day comes, my prostate already high and ready to rock n roll.

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