Is it really that good?

So I’ve been pretty frustrated with my prostate sessions. I’ve never used a Aneros product before but after reading a bunch on here and on the wiki I’m thinking of going for the Helix syn trident, is this the right toy for a Aneros first timer?

From what I understand this is a more passive kind of toy where you don’t have to do anything?
I’ve used regular dildo’s and the njoy pure wand before without any results so I’m pretty desperate in finding something that works.

So is the helix syn trident going to help me on my journey? Does it really feel as good as everyone is saying?

I’m very sceptical of ever achieving a p orgasm so I hope this will help me.



  1. This is the same model I have. The hype is real but you have to be really patient because it’s not something that you’ll be able to achieve right away. I’m talking about the super O’s which in case you’re not familiar with these are super dry prostate orgasms. You don’t come from your dick. All the pleasure and Euphoric feeling comes from your prostate. Pretty intense. It leaves you quite shaky. If I had to grade it on a scale I would say it’s about 10x more intense than coming from your dick. I posted here about my first ones, take a look and enjoy the ride.

  2. I gave up chasing prostate orgasms and just use it to enhance my normal jerk sessions. It’s also amazing to wear while having sex. The Helix is my favorite to wear of the 3 I have.

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