What have I awoken? Dear gods I did not know

It’s been an hour after and my prostate is still twitching and sending shivers down my groin…
Ok. I thought I’d probably got as far as I could pleasure wise with this. Had managed to have multiple dry pgasms pretty quickly. Used poppers (at start) did mindgasm lessons. Hadn’t tried weed because I don’t like the smell. Until this morning. Smoked 1/2 a small joint.. wait 20min.. touch nipples (cos horny) have spasm in prostate instantly…. grab helix syn.. lube .. insert… couple small gentle rocking contractions and holds… one snort of poppers … wait.. gentle contraction.. hold.. BLAM! orgasm. Full body. Well over a minute long.. still dry just precum.. breath.. relax… oh god not again…. no idea how long.. mind is gone…
Above has been my Sunday morning. Full body non stop orgasms for over an hour. And I don’t feel tired. Difficult to write this because my prostate is still demanding it be touched… No dear lil walnut you must now rest… It’s being a petulant child now and won’t go back to sleep…
So yeah. Lil weed. Wow. Still don’t like the smell but holy crap.
Worth it for me anyway. And I cannot believe my male body can do this.. at 50 years old. No longer jealous of clitoris havers orgasms…. 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/lz7o3e/what_have_i_awoken_dear_gods_i_did_not_know/


  1. It’s nuts isn’t it? You’re just transported somewhere else. Weed was the thing for me too. Congratulations!

  2. hoooooot! Sounds exactly like my experience after not smoking for a longer time. Gamechanger.

  3. Does anyone like the smell of weed? It’s something I just got used to over the years.

    Love the story! Wish I had more down time to spend a whole day playing!

  4. Really want to try this but am a virgin to weed. What works best? Joint, edible or vape? This inquiring mind wants to know, lol.

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