The no chemicals/weed 5+min orgasm.

After finally getting to what I assume is super O land on a little bit of weed (as a prestart booster) and low amounts of poppers, I wanted to see if the wiring had adjusted enough to super O on nothing but meditation and a few stretches.
Chose the helix syn over progasm (because I need to be hyper relaxed to get to good places on the progasm).
Meditated for 15 min.
Stretched. Inserted well lubed Syn.
Gentle wave contractions. Couple of big squeeze and holds and… off we go… series of pwaves first then a slow pgasm then some more pwaves, then a single HUGE PGASM that rolled through me for I have no idea how long but minutes passed as I drifted into space cadet land the orgasm ebbed and peaked and ebbed and just when I thought I was coming off it, it climbed higher.
My throat is sore from gasping and trying not to scream.
So yes – amazing things can happen off chemicals and perhaps being 2 days off Cigarettes is helping also (low nicotine vaping instead).
Wasn’t a long session but in the name of scientific research I am so glad I went on it.



  1. Awesome that you are able to do off of weed as well. I find if there are several days in between as well it definitely helps!

  2. Your post has got me planning to get my Helix trident into action tomorrow.

    I am still a novice but loving the experience.

    I have also been experimenting with a new WeVibe Vector, which can insert and sit at my desk gently vibrate, into a rather blissful state.

    Lockdown has certainly generated had some positive moments!

  3. Nice work brother! Question for you though. I was having another conversation with another buddy from the sub about how what we call orgasms can vary.

    My Pgasms are defined by my prostate involuntarily contracting and my cock bouncing like a thing possessed and, during the whole thing, it feels exactly like I am forcing out cum the whole time.

    For your recent super Os (and any PGasm really) do you experience the above too? I don’t think I have asked you this before.

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