Benefits after the super o?

This past week I was finally able to get to the super o and like everyone has said, it was totally mind blowing and really has opened my mind as to what an orgasm can be. Just this afternoon I lost count on how many orgasms I had. At one point I was literally screaming into my pillow, it was so intense.

Now in the evening I’m feeling good, a little fuzzy, very content. I keep sighing in satisfaction… but I have a lot of questions for vets of this.

I’m wondering what people who have been doing this for a while have noticed. Do you find that you’re a better, more attentive lover? I’m straight and now that I’ve experienced this I think I understand better what a woman’s orgasm is like and I can’t wait to be with a woman again and see if I have a new mindfulness when we’re having sex.
Do people find that after crossing over they’re more sexual/have a higher libido?

I’ve also heard stories about people becoming more mindful and sensitive in general. Any stories about that?

I’m considering making this the only way that I cum. I’ve always been curious about semen retention and this seems like a good way to satisfy my sexual urges without losing semen. Has anyone done this?

Really, I’m just very curious about this new aspect of my life. Obviously I love the super o’s themselves but I want to know how it’s going to affect the rest of my life. Thanks!



  1. Congratulations and welcome to the elite Club… we all feel that way… wifey enjoys the batter so you’ll need to keep that thing going, as I do.. but prostate O’s definitely take over…

  2. I am on the way to the SuperO, hoping it’s not so far !
    I bought a njoy Pure Wand to get it and still not sure of fast to go and how much pressure to apply…
    Anyway, I thank you for this post, your questions are very appealing and answers could help me enlarge my current sexual and personal explorations.
    Greetings to have been achieving the big O and keep searching to widen your sensibility 🙏🏼

  3. If I may, what was your journey to the super-o like? Plateaus? Was it a gradual progression, or did it happen relatively quickly?

    When you hit the super o, did you do anything different?… or was your technique/routine the same and your prostate just decided “Today is the day.”

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