Helix better for beginners (than progasm jr)?

Hey guys. I have a progasm jr, it’s very new. Yes I know – patient and exercise. But it never felt very good (neither bad. Just meh).
So today I read: Beginners maybe should think about trying the Helix, because of it is more likely to move than the pj.
What do you think? Is that right? Should I try this?
And what is the difference between the helix syn and helix trident? Any recommendations? Thank you!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/nrgwb8/helix_better_for_beginners_than_progasm_jr/


  1. From what I’ve read, always choose the white hard plastic variants (Trident) over the black velvet ones (Syn) because the white ones offer better movement. (This includes ignoring models that have “Syn Trident” in their name, you just want “Trident”)

    As for differences. Helix is a good “base” to start with, I believe. Of course, owning all three (MGX, Helix and Eupho) is also a good option that I would personally recommend because each one has subtle differences in sensations.

  2. yeah you should another if you can. Having almost all of the models, I prefer the smaller ones over the larger Progasm/Progasm Jr. …Not that the larger ones are bad, the sensations are just different. I couldn’t really enjoy the Progasm until i made much more progress with the smaller ones. Try the Helix or MGX… syn or not is up to your personal preference.

    RE: naming – “Trident” basically just means it has tabs (T shape). Technically the Progasm is a trident model. “syn” in the product name it just means it’s the silicone coated version vs the other models that are a hard plastic. Syn and Trident are not exclusive terms.

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