1. The advantage to the do nothing method IMO is that the main focus is on relaxation. It’s a good way to forget about method and open yourself to subtle sensations.

    That said, I started with muscle contractions first, because I wasn’t really sure what to look for yet. I’ve only got my own experience to go on, but if you aren’t feeling much at the beginning I would try this: start by clenching your PC muscle and holding for as long as you can. If possible, try to hold it at less than 100% strength, or hold and slowly, slowly release. If you want more guidance through your sessions, Mindgasm.net is a pretty good resource for beginners.

  2. For beginners I’d recommend starting off the session doing nothing for at least a half hour. Then start rhythmic contractions.

  3. I think it’s like mixing lifting and mobility workouts, you benefit from alternating both.

  4. Another tip which I just accidentally came across that I didn’t realize I was doing wrong even though I was feeling great sensations: don’t insert too far. Let it position itself once it’s in. Oopsy!

  5. My beginner advice is a bit against the grain. If you have the self control not to touch during your aneros session, do some normal edging first. When you get very aroused, your prostate will swell up making it bigger and more sensitive. You can also just watch some porn or read some erotica.

    Once it is in, just experiment with different techniques. I don’t know how well the do nothing will work for beginners because you may not notice the sensations. I would start with some contractions and try to notice the twitching sensations. After doing that for a while, try doing nothing and see if your body starts doing it involuntarily.

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