Had a wonderful session last night while listening to HFO audio.

Last night was amazing for me because i had multiple dry orgasm by listening to three HFO audio. I was totally in trance deep in the session listening to sexy voices and a lot of precum dripping from my penis. I can feel it leaking down my shaft and my penis was throbbing hard stimulated by my aneros progasm jr. To be honest, i was hoping that i can get wet HFO but having multiple dry orgasms really makes me craving for more. I have decided that next ejaculation for me is only from HFO, so i gonna abstaining myself from having traditional orgasm. Listening to HFO audio during sessions really makes a difference. My prostate easily stimulated and throbbing with pleasurable feeling from the inside by visualizing the audio. Cannot wait for my next session. Hopefully i can get my first wet orgasm this time. 🥰

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/plxa8y/had_a_wonderful_session_last_night_while/


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