Secret perineum muscle?

Hi I read a post talking about a muscle that is located directly in the perineum that if contracted very lightly sends pleasurable feelings. This muscle works for me, its like I’m directly contracting the area around the prostate not the PC muscle. When I do a regular PC contraction it doesn’t really feel like anything, just makes my dick bounce. This other muscle sends an instant feedback of a small amount of pleasure. It doesn’t even feel like I’m contracting it but I can do it at will. I’m exited to try to use this muscle paired with my Aneros and see if I can finally see some success with the toy as I’ve never hit any type of orgasm.

Just wondering if anyone knows of the muscle area I am talking about. It’s definitely not the top muscle that is referenced in mindgasm it feels deeper than that like it’s directly next to the prostate.



  1. I’ll happily keep posting this when people ask about the muscles:

    All of the muscles down there are actually more complicated than just 2, and it really is worth taking the time to feel and control them separately.

    This link has a picture of them:

    Just to note, the muscle you mention really made a difference for what I was feeling last time I used my aneros…

  2. This is why if you are being rimmed out right you hit all these sensitive areas of the perineum from the butt hole to the base of your balls or taint whatever a guy calls it. There are areas like this all over the male body from the ears, neck, lower back, under the arms, leg’s etc… more guys should spend time on foreplay and I’ll just jump in just sucking and fucking and your sexes are there in 30 minutes with foreplay sex can last hours.

    lower back legs it’s awesome it’s why more guys

  3. Yes, there are several floor muscles but the 3 main ones are the PC (stop pee), the sphincter (poop stopper) and the cremaster (lifts the testies).

    The cremaster is a sideway muscle and once you learn how to control each of them separately coupled with diaphragm breathing, they help provide great prostate pleasures and orgasms.

    Here’s how to identify it; clench all floor muscles and hold. Release your sphincter them your PC muscle; what remains is your cremaster.

    If you’re referring to the secret muscle mentioned in, that one is more of an imaginary muscle located on top of your glans. When you concentrate on that, you can actually get a feeling of a muscle contracting.

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