Tips for dealing with leg shakes?

I’ve been having some really fun sessions lately, with almost-as-good-as-an-orgasm feelings lasting for many minutes on and off over the course of a couple hours. Occasionally my legs will shoot out and shake, or my hips will buck really fast for a few seconds. Pretty sure that’s a good sign, but the problem is, whenever it happens, the pleasure temporarily stops during the shaking, and I get thrown off of the groove I was in.

I’m guessing you’re supposed to accept the shakes and just roll with them?

That seems to be much easier said than done, though, so I’m interested if anybody else ran into this issue and has any tips.



  1. Recently i had the same thing as you. I think that you should just go along with it. When it comes to prostate play then important thing is about letting your mind think that this shakes are important and enjoyable. I treat/think of them as additional movement for my aneros inside me which should give me more benefits. Just try to enjoy them shakes and make it a part of your journey.

  2. At first I was tensing my body while I was shaking. But I realised it made me feel less horny.

    Now I try to breathe normally and relax my muscles. This makes me shake still but I find it helps build up pleasure.

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