Can't wait!!!

Hi, I'm Shaun, 18 years old from UK.

Just ordered the Aneros MGX last night and eagerly awaiting its arrival! I have known about the aneros products for a few years now and decided to take the plunge.
I have done a bit of anal play before and always responded well to it so I'm hoping this will be the same.
Just looking at the pictures of the aneros and reading the testimonials and other peoples' blogs makes me tingle all over with pleasure and anticipation! I am prepared to take my time and enjoy all the subtle feelings that everyone describes.
Haven't had an orgasm in a few days now! Thats a long time for an 18 year old! I'm waiting until it arrives and I can have my first session.

Watch this space, I'll keep you posted! I hope you guys will enjoy reading about my journey; I'll certainly enjoy the journey and writing about it!



I have tried the Helix six or seven times so far. With each practice session, I discover a few new sensations. Still, I'm not anywhere near achieving the involuntaries or the Super "O." I have, on a couple of occasions, experienced a very intense ejaculation without any penile stimulation. But alas, I know that this is not the object of my desire.

I have a few questions for any successful guys who might have the time to answer.

1. I seem to be most relaxed on my back with my knees bent or on my stomach lying flat. I can achieve movement of the Helix keeping my hips perfectly still, but there are times when I want to move my hips, which seems to contribute to the Helix's movement within me. Should I rely solely on the Helix's movement through contractions, or is this hip movement ok?

2. It appears there are four different kinds of contractions. The easiest for me to perform is the Kegel. However, I've seen recommendations to do a rectal contraction simulatenously or an anal contraction simultaneously with a rectal contraction. I can't seem to even figure out how to combine a Kegel with a rectal contraction or an anal contraction with a rectal contraction. Doing one (to me) seems to make it impossible to do the other simultaneously. Any suggestions? Also, any suggestions on the length of contractions and how contractions might interact with breathing would be appreciated.

Some Progress

The Aneros is amazing. Every session gives sensations and experiences which are different from the last. This was a particularly long session for me, largely because after about two hours, something seriously important happened which made me want to go on for a lot longer.

My last session was frustrating, so I started this one slowly and with low expectations. My preferred position is becoming one in which I kneel on the bed with my head on the mattress and some pillows between my knees and my torso. The fact that this is comfortable for me is important, as I realized last night. This is because when you're starting out, you need to be able to think to yourself – "this is quite nice, I could carry on like this for hours". I don't think, therefore, that uncomfortable positions or tiring positions or exercizes are good ideas – you need to prepare yourself for potential longevity.

So, I spent quite a while just enjoying some gentle, delicate contractions. Then the usual experiements ensued – letting them get harder, deeper, trying to 'let go'. And, as usual, they didn't do much. So I redisciplined myself and went back to low level.

Miscellaneous Points

Dear all,

I thought I'd write a few thoughts down, having had an enjoyable session last night which, nonetheless, did not produce the Super 'O'. I'd like to think I'm a kind of intermediate at this now. Things are happening and I'm gradually mastering control of some of them, but I still haven't reached that orgasm yet, and every session seems to yield a new sensation which I have to familiarize myself with and try and understand. I won't bore you with talk of positions or lube – I just have a few points which might encourage those of you who are really struggling, or yield some advice from those of you who are really gunning.

1. The Prostate

To put it bluntly, it's a tricky little blighter! Suddenly I find that the Aneros has got it right there, and I'm like "ooooooh that's so good", but then it feels as if the Aneros has gone past, beyond the spot, or the spot has moved away. Another thing that happens is that there can be a strong, random contraction from my penis (or something related to it) which dislodges things somehow. I'm guessing that managing to maintain this sort of contact is one of the keys. Would any of the guru's amongst you agree with that?

2. Contractions – which ones?

need advise

Hello I just ordered my new aneros and cant wait to try it. Are there any groups out there to join for information and pictures? I will keep you informed of my experiences. My concern is that i will cum to quickly. I get hard when i think of using the aneros. should i cum before i use it?


I have decided to keep this blog in hopes that my experiences will help others along their journey of sexual exploration.

I stumbled across the Aneros website early this month and decided that I had to see for myself what I was supposedly missing for the first 42 years of my life. I am straight, single and new to prostate/anal pleasure. I received my MGX three weeks ago and was pleased with what I experienced the very first session. I had one rockin' time. I felt things I never felt before, but I subsequently pushed too hard in the next few sessions and was a bit disappointed. I finally crossed the threshold into Super-O sensual Nirvana this past Monday by relaxing, taking my time, and allowing my body to respond to the subtle movements of the MGX.

Tonight, however, I experienced the most intense mind and body altering orgasm I have ever experience. Here is how it happened:

I cleansed my rectum and then took a long hot shower. I applied a moderate amount of astroglide gel to the MGX, a small bit on my anus, and inserted the Aneros. I climbed into bed, placed two pillows under my thighs, and began to take deep breaths. I felt the involuntaries begin almost immediately. I rolled over onto my right side and continued to breath deeply. I felt the Aneros moving inside me in a rythmic motion. I began to writhe around the bed and moaned gently. I turned over onto my back and as I did I felt new and different sensations in the pubic region above and on both sides of my penis. It felt like my lower abdomen was being pressed down by some phantom weight.


I have been wondering how 'newcomers' could move faster towards achieving a 'Super O'. I now use a variation of the method that I have described above and find that I can now provoke a 'Super O' within a very short while of inserting my Aneros. I recently returned to my MGX and it was after inserting it that I discovered how I could bring about this swift success. Success that persists too (3 sessions so far) with the Maximus that I have just received but more of the Maximus later.
First I ensure that I insert more lubrication than I have used hitherto – about 6ml. I now use ID Glide. I find that the Aneros really has to be able to float freely to create success. As with all sessions it is essential that you are in a sexually responsive state so that you can place your prostate at the centre of your sensate focus. Lying on my left hand side, left leg out – right leg drawn up, I insert the Aneros most of the way in, then contracting my PC muscles, let the sphincter slowly draw it fully in. This for me is a particularly intense sensation and with the Aneros fully drawn in creates a tension in my perineum. I move onto my back and place a pillow to support my lower back and another for my feet – with my legs drawn up as described in earlier threads, but at 'ten to two'. What this means is that the perineum and butt area is over a space created by the two pillows. I ensure that the perineum abuttment tab is situated within the 'million dollar point' and (prior to insertion) that the tab is free from lubricant. I go through a very short period of relaxation making sure that the I am comfortable and the upper part of my body supported and begin contracting my PC muscles. Following two or three minutes of this, now with tension in the perineum, I place my middle finger of my right hand so that sits against the perineum tab and continue my contractions. After about another five minutes with the perineum even more tense and swollen I begin to press my finger into the 'million dollar point', this makes the abuttment tab move further 'in' against the prostate and with a mixture of voluntary and involuntary contractions the sensations are exquisite. I arch my back, raising and lowering my butt from the pillow. My finger feels the involuntary contractions at the abuttment point and I can now press harder (not pressing the Aneros itself though) into the 'm.d.p.' About twenty minutes of this and now able to remove my finger, the sensations send me over the edge and I can maintain a state of many consecutive, then rolling (one on another) Super Os. This 'folding in' or overlapping of orgasms is what makes the experience so delicious for me. Such an experience, that I don't even bother to count numbers any more – moving away from sense of (male) performance – rather, shifting into a more detached (spiritual, perhaps) space that flourishes on the awesome nature of the pleasurable experience.

japanese prostate massage

I wonder whether their instructions to keep the device in rather than expell it caused you to clench your sphincter much like we do with the aneros?

I ask because I have been curious about how the aneros inventors discovered the involuntary contractions miracle. Perhaps it has a history in the kind of massage device you are describing.


quivering question


I have a question for those of you who are succeeding.

I am getting a lot of good feelings. Today I was able to get my butt muscles and thighs to quiver, and that directed good sensations to my prostate. But, I have not yet gotten my anal spincter or PC muscles to quiver.

I have improved my ability to enjoy the aneros recently by doing the contraction exercises as well as quick contractions once or twice a day, without the aneros, to develop my strength. (I find the SLOW contraction is pretty hard and is an important part to using the aneros).

My question is: for those of you have the quivering down, can you do it without aneros? In other words, I am inclined to try to learn how to get my anus to quiver independent of using the aneros, so that i can do my training in small bits when I have some time. Do you think I should be able to learn to get my anus to quiver the way I can do so with other muscles in my body without having the aneros inside?