How to climax instead of urinating?

I recently got the Helix and have used it twice now with decent results. During 2 multiple hour sessions using a variety of positions and methods, I have been very close to reaching a prostate orgasm. However, both sessions whenever I got dangerously close to that sensation, I had to urinate. It wasn't just an urge to urinate, it just kind of got to the point where I couldn't hold it in. I urinated before both sessions and even after urinating during this sensation I kept getting the feeling to urinate instead of reaching an orgasm.

Before/during the urinating feeling there was a little prostate fluid and I know that I was close. Is there any particular method to "finishing" once you've reached a build up without just urinating? Contracting with every breath or holding a contraction for a big release hasn't seemed to work– is there a particular method or position that will help me reach orgasm instead of urinating?

Can ejaculate HF but not sure next step

Hi! 21 yr old male here.

I've had the helix classic for a while now. I like it a lot and it has always made my traditional orgasms a whole lot better but recently I have been trying harder to get hands free orgasms (HF) or super O's or prostate orgasms or just more powerful orgasms in general.

I can make myself ejaculate and orgasm without touching my dick but I don't think I'm doing it correctly. I put in my helix after not masturbating or having sex for a few days and then go through the process of letting my sphincter adjust and then the deep breathing and clenching and all that jazz. And it feels good, especially when I start with light holds and just try to hold those as long as possible. Then I watch porn and browse some of my favorite dirty sub reddits (all the while not touching my cock- I lie on my left side with my knees up or I lie on my back with a pillow underneath me to boost up my butt) and I try to focus on the feelings in my prostate. It all feels really really good but sometimes I have a hard time making sure to keep my sphincter clenched or I find that I'm flexing my cock instead of my ass or my abs instead of my ass. Regardless I feel something welling up inside of me and if I put my balls in between my thighs (really just separate my cock from my balls via my thighs) and extended my legs or sometimes just by squeezing my thighs I ejaculate. Sometimes I don't even need to do that, it happens anyways It feels amazing and I love it, but I know it's not a super O.

Am I doing something wrong? Nothing is happening.

Bought a Progasm a few days ago, my first anal toy ever.

No problem getting it up there. I did all my research, practiced breathing and sphincter movements, etc. but nothing. Left it in for about twenty minutes before moving on. It wasn't uncomfortable but it just felt like "there's something up my bum." No pleasure.

Tried again a day later. This time put it up there, kept it in for about 50 minutes, and watched TV. Nothing again.

I know there is a learning curve and I wasn't expecting instant pleasure, but I fail to see how this is going to become pleasurable down the road.

What do I need to do? Completely eliminate distractions? Harder sphincter movements?

Internal button component fell out of Vice’s Muze!

I was about to use my Vice and pressed the button when all of a sudden – it gave way, and now softly depressed with no end. I opened it up and out came a little button, presumably dismounted from it's board.

I have a deal experience with electronics and can probably fix it, but I cannot get the thing open. It appears to have a silicone seal, and it is likely threaded. I currently do not possess adjustable wrenches, but may have to get a couple to open it.

Has anyone had to open an Aneros Muze before? Any advice?

Not sure what I experienced, wondering what happened

after smoking quite a bit I was fairly stoned and I decided to have a go with the aneros and to my surprise I got somewhere with it I'm just not sure what to call it, what I felt was what I think were some p waves I started breathing heavy and shaking it felt like I had just been in a fight with because it felt like a had a lot of adrenalin in my system right after. Any idea how close I was…or how far

This is as far as I have gotten with it

Aneros Helix Syn

Just used the Helix Syn…wow! So nice being handsfree. Enjoying this purchase so far.

Does anyone have any lube recommendations?

Is 17 too young to begin prostate stimulation?

I'm 17, and have been wanting to try out prostate stimulation for a while. I don't really enjoy penile masturbation (possibly due to circumcision) and have been really longing to at least try something new out that can hopefully satisfy my itch.

But both from a mental and physical standpoint, am I too young to start prostate stimulation? I don't want to buy an Aneros and try it out only to damage something or cause any physiological damage in the long run. Thanks!

An easy way towards a new type of TO (involving stimulation of the FRONT side of the prostate).

I have to say that I am surprised by how popular some of my recent threads have been ("priming the prostate" "societal pressure" etc.). Not sure how to feel about this, except to say that I hope my threads have been useful to you all.

Along those lines, I thought that I would mention another phenomenon that I discovered by trial and error. Well… actually there was a fair amount of logic involved – and my intuition just happened to be right. Let me explain.

During a recent session (which I have since duplicated), I got to that familiar point, where I could feel that my prostate was extremely aroused. I had not achieved a Super O yet, but I did get some good P-waves in. By that point, I felt that things were really started to drag on… so I decided to end the session in typical fashion: with a traditional orgasm (TO).

This time, however, I decided to switch up my TO technique a little bit. Whereas I typically reach TO like a normal person (stroking my entire shaft, and the head), I decided to see what would happen if I had a TO that was induced by stimulation of the base of my penis only. Hell, why not? That whole area was already engorged.

Which model for an Aneros “newbie”, but experienced with other toys.

I started getting into butt-play about 6 months ago, and really love it. I started with w small plug, but have worked my way up to a medium sized plug. I takes me a while to warm up, and get it all the way in, but when it is, I love the full feeling.

I would like to get my first Aneros, but am struggling to figure out which model to start with….the Helix, since I'm new to prostate stimulation, or the Progasm, since I've already worked my way up to bigger toys…..