ed's journey

started with the modified mgx–still slow going–brought the p-tab contact point a little farther away from the stem–still where i was a week or so ago–some ass buzzing and a few dives in the ass

tried the helix, unmodified, with a little more success in that i got what i call ass pulses instead of the buzzing–the pulses are more enjoyable but harder for me to maintain–had very little considering the amount of time i used

ed's journey

well, so much for saying i'd wait–had the promise of oral sex and thought that i'd try the helix then, but when the promise fell through i went ahead anyway with the session cause i was so het up–same story as before–a little something but not a lot–this time tried a lot of very small contractions and some slight holding with my pc group but didn't start anything worth noting–will try again to hold off for a few days before trying again–let's see if i can do that–ede_1943

ed's journey

i was at my local sex shop and they had the helix so i bought one–this was not a snap decision like when i bought the progasm while i was waiting for my mgx to arrive–i have read and thought a lot about getting the helix because of all the comments about its greater mobility and more robust massage than the mgx–i figured since i was having such small reactions with the mgx, maybe the helix would be better–anyway i tried it that same day but it was very like the mgx sessions–i figure i need a few days rest before i have another session as i have had many days in a row and quite a few with more than one session–i think i need to recharge and to"rewire"–i can tell right away now by how long it takes for some involuntary shivers to start after insertion whether i will have a profitable session or not–i'm still upbeat–only good things can happen cause nothing much has happened yet–after rereading the forum i see that complete relaxation will stop any motion, even if i imagine it starts motion–i think i have to do a voluntary contraction so slight that it is just about no contraction at all in order to start involuntary ones, that's probably why i thought that i was completely relaxed and why i couldn't relax any more when they started–sure wish though, that they would link together and start me flopping on my bed!!–ede_1943

ed's journey

i am a 64 year old male with everything in working order–i was reading the web about the male g spot when i came across the name of aneros–well, all i can say is that reading the posts and threads, etc i ordered the mgx–while waiting for its arrival i was in a sex shop and asked if they had any aneros massagers–i wanted the helix but all they had was the progasm, and at a good price–i thought about it and said no, went to lunch, thought oh what the hell and went back to buy it, even though i didn't think it would be right for me–i was right–i'm a first time anal play guy and it was not right for me–anyway after a lot of difficulty inserting it i tried to follow the aneros directions and those of the forum–not much happened–i had trouble identifying the different muscle groups i needed to control and had trouble moving the progasm–mostly i tried to relax and then tried a few contractions but didn't know an anal from a pc contraction–but i will try again another day

mttron's blog

Since this is the first entry i shall introduce myself. I allready did that in a forum post, so i'll just copypaste that:

I don't know if this is that unusual, but I discovered this whole meditative hands free prostate stimulation thing on my own, before I even heard about the aneros. I was 15 or so. English classes were very boring, but my teacher was hot. So i stared at her, undressing her in my mind and flexed those muscles. What I discovered changed my life. Finally I had a meaningful activity I could do in school. Since I spend a lot of time in school, I really could improve my technique.

When I'm really horny and relaxed the sensations I can archieve are similiar to what aneros users discribe. I get those involuntary convulsions and my state of mind is completely altered. I feel like I am just a big prostate and there's nothing on my mind but that incredible buzzing and twitching. Unfortunately this state isn't very sustainable after 20 min or so it goes away. I don't think I already experienced what you call the Super-O. I just need something that helps me to keep going; something that pushes me over the edge.


I have been reading a lot about the aneros and mistakenly purchased the SGX which is a bit small for my 5 10, 175# frame…
Just got the HELIX. Have the day off… Looking forward to trying it!

830 – Lubed up the Helix, lying on my side… slowly inserted it's bulbous tip…then WOOOOOOSH. my anus SUCKED IT UP QUICKLY. no discomfort or feeling like I have to shit as I did with the smaller SGX… wearing Teva Sandles and the ANEROS only…

840 – went downstairs to have a smoke… leaned over the kitchen sink, inhaled smoke slowly…flexing my furry Italian ass around my new found friend…

850- my penis is soft, but is tingling…

855- I removed the Aneros, sat on the john for a bit. Getting more coffee. Cannot wait to insert again shortly…

910- This time i took a bit longer to insert… maybe not enough lube? feels fantastic inside me…
pulling on my half hard cock

925 – Semen has now started to drip from my half hard cock. NOT precum…. but thick white jizz. I have NOT orgasmed. I use my empty coffee cup to catch the flow… about a tablespoon full…

I also wanted to state that I have never enjoyed the feeling of anything up my ass… that is before this Smile

931 – yet another tablespoon full without orgasm…. this is amazing

9 Month Update

I haven’t posted a blog entry in a while as nothing really significant has happened during my sessions over the last 9 months. I still use the different Aneros models that I own on a regular basis and I’m still enjoying the sensations that I experience. If anything, it seems that the full body / pelvic contractions that I used to get on a regular basis have diminished somewhat. I’m not sure if that’s due to my perineum becoming desensitized or if I’m just entering another stage in my journey. As I usually look forward to the full body tingling that I get after the contractions stop, this has been somewhat of a disappointment to me. Most people, it seems, don’t like the contractions, but I look forward to them for that reason.

I’m trying to incorporate the Aneros into my masturbation sessions more to see if I can increase the pleasure in those sessions. The Extended Sexual Orgasm (ESO) book that I have mentions using the Aneros as an effective means to massage the prostate and stimulate the perineum while trying to achieve ESO rather than having your partner use their fingers to do the same thing. As has been the case for me in the past, having the Aneros inserted causes me to have a slow start with getting an erection. Once I do get one though, I don’t seem to be able to last as long due to the increased stimulation and pressure on the prostrate. It’s odd that the use of the Aneros causes me to go from one extreme to the other. I hope that with continued use, my body will become more accustomed to the sensations.

Rumel's Ruminations – Part I

This Blog is in two Sections : Part II is my periodic blog of experiences (most recent at the top), Part I (this one) is just copies of some of my earliest Forum entries (oldest at the bottom)

12/17/07 : I read in the newspaper today about the death of singer-songwriter Dan Fogelberg at the age of 56 due to advanced prostate cancer, boy did that bring a twinge of pain to my heart. He was an artist that I grew up listening to with a gentle thoughtful style I regularly enjoyed. It certainly gives me pause to think how fortunate I am that my own cancer was detected early enough for effective treatment to commence. I now have a very good prospect of becoming a long lived cancer survivor. To any of you guys who may read this blog entry, I strongly urge you to begin getting yearly PSA tests (especially if you are over the age of 50)to monitor for potential prostate cancer. It is a simple blood test, I would never have discovered my own cancer were it not for that finding of an increasing PSA level. Hopefully, upon conclusion of my own treatments, I can get back to enjoying the wonderful Aneros journey I began back in April.

Very Nice Session

This session occurred last night when I went to bed. After my pre-session douche and lube-up, I lay down on the bed and started with the Eupho. This was only my second extended session with the Eupho. It is less filling than the MGX and the Progasm, so I expected that the action would be different. It has more movement than the others, and as the session progressed, I edged closer and closer to that area, where the pleasure comes in waves. I have found that nipple stimulation really enhances my sessions, creating an almost electric effect in the groin area.

After about an hour with the Eupho, I switched over to the MGX. It is becoming my favorite, though I would like to try the Helix to compare the two. The MGX nestles inside me, giving me very pleasurable feelings just lying still. I got into my preferred position, on my back with my knees bent and my feet flat on the bed. I have found that this position gives the most control and the greatest pleasure.

To this point, I have not experienced what is referred to on this forum as the "Super O", but I think I have reached a point of "mini Os". The MGX soon had me "on the edge", with successive waves of intense pleasure following one another. I am learning to explore the various motions and modalities of the MGX. Sometimes it has a feathery, teasing quality that lures you ever higher, and sometimes it invites you to bear down and push for that "deeper", more intense feeling. It's like learning to dance with a skillful partner.

Enjoying but still wondering

Well I will say that I have been pleased with what aneros has bestowed upon me. I have had the chance on several occasions to start with the Helix, and work with it for an hour or so, achiving, great shutters in my body, very heavy breathing, pleasure definately, but nothing that "feels" like a penile orgasm. Have I missed the point here? I do love the feelings I get, (even though I find it takes a great deal of physical activity), I have on occasion had a magnificent erection caused by the stimulation, (although I knew of the erection only by brushing my hand against my penis, and not from the feeling of the penis), a good supply of precum, and an amazingly short time to feel the prostate pleasure, (sometimes within a minute of inserting the aneros). I do love the movement I find in the Helix, and as I said I can feel the gratifying effect very very quickly. I also love the feeling of the Progasm for it's size and the take charge feeling it seems to have over me. (I do love the full feeling).