Full Moon Club parade of orgasms

J4 and a bunch have launched the Full Moon Club, where members, anyone who cares to join, all have sessions at (about…) 9:00 pm local time on the night of the full moon each month. The idea is to see if there is any resonance from/between all these orgasmic energies being loosed like a wave around the planet. A great P-wave circling the globe in 24 hours…

Mrs. a and I began later about 11:00 pm EDT (March 11/09) and after wonderful warmups found ourselves in mutual prostate massage and ultimately in the Wedding Band position, each digitally caressing the other's P/G spot… better than ever… parades of Super-Os repeatedly (and the old bod calling for more! not avoiding them!)…

butt then up, up, and away into the floating bliss of the Calm Seas Os!!! Twice I briefly left orbit and touched down on the planet for a few seconds butt right back up onto/into the endless oceanic bliss… Those two trips back down and back up were new and very interesting in themselves, like a ride in a new glass bubble elevator on the outside of a tall building, butt not the same in other ways; more like my being being stretched painlessly, even pleasantly, like a gooey yardstick of existence. Ahhh! so much… so many… so everywhere…

About 2:30 am EDT this morning (March 12/09) we came back to the home planet, cleaned up, and floated blissfully off to dreamland…

Super-O zone

During yesterday's chat I was reminded of the experience of Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist who analyzed the effects of her own stroke:


Watching her intriguing and wonderfully articulate talk again, I was struck by her description of her dips into "right-hemisphere consciousness"—because it is very similar to how I was feeling after one of my marathon Aneros sessions (blog title "Fifth session—wonderful and bizarre"). Yet more evidence of how all things are connected…

Also during yesterday's chat I was starting to get onto a mini-orgasmic high, and after it ended decided to pop in the Helix. Well, during the ensuing session I think I definitely reached a new plateau…

It started out innocently enough: some music, some erotic pictures, some dim lighting… usually the first 30 minutes or so are not very intense, just some (mostly involuntary) contractions while I explore the sensuality of the human body with my mind.

Soon though I started to feel the little tickling sensation around my prostate that wanted to become something more. I focused my awareness on it, and by doing so it began to blossom… mini-Os, then dry-Os… At some point there was no further use in looking at erotic material, as it was all absorbed into my mind and there was much more it seemed I was able to do with it there. My eyes shut (or turned back into my head, I'm not sure which) and I was adrift in pre-orgasmic waves of pleasure and erotic thought.

Sixth session: Sensual bliss

I spent part of the day reading about chakras and their traditional mystical interpretations. I am definitely at a point where I can feel something—an energy—moving around and through my body. And, I can intensify the feeling just by focusing my awareness on it with the intent to do so.

I wonder if that's all that's really been happening around the prostate, which is near the root chakra considered to be at the base of the spine. By moving the energy around there with my awareness, I can eventually induce an orgasm. It's relatively easy to do this because the energy has a sexual, pleasurable quality to it, making it trivial to identify and immensely enjoyable to dwell upon. (It is actually the second chakra, below the navel, that is supposed to be connected with sexual response; perhaps this helps explain the effectiveness of e.g. the male deer exercise…)

The other energies I've been experiencing do not have the same sexual quality to them. Yet they are clearly present around the other chakras, and must have a similar relationship with the nervous system of the body as does the root chakra, as they're able to induce the same muscle spasms I'd experienced when first starting with the Aneros.

I don't experience spasms as much any more, at least as far as they are associated with prostate massage, and I think this is an effect of the "rewiring" process—another way to look at it might be an opening up of energy channels. My other chakras are (or were) not as open yet, and so the energy has been jolting and shocking my nervous system causing convulsions.

Getting back into the swing of things

I should preface this, with a little bit of history. I got the helix about 8 months and while I had some strong intial success I felt as though I was forcing things a little and not reaching the true potential of the helix.

I had enjoyed some great mini-O's but I didn't enjoy the way I got to them. So I began experimenting and trying unsuccessfully to find a more enjoyable method. I tried a few sessions that didn't really go anywhere and I essentially gave up on it, although I continued to use it as a masturbatory aid. Hence, my lack of posting for awhile.

Well recently I decided to try again and tried putting more effort into it. Recently I have been practicing my kegels and carefully finding the optimal position (hands and knees) when using the helix. Needless to say I think I found a winning method, hence my posting, hehe.

Well, last night was the proof and the funny thing is I wasn't even sure I should try. I had a midterm the next day and wanted to get up early to study longer for it and it was already 10:30pm. My libido won out and I rationalized that I deserved it because I had studied a lot for this one and I hadn't j/o in 2 days (a rather long time for a 21 y/o).

Revolution Now

Haven’t had time for many sessions lately, but I snuck in a 2 hour Peridise session. Not much to write home about, so I opened up an old thread of mine I never posted. I figure I’ll put it in my blog first before I go mainstream with it on the forum incase I have any second thoughts (can you have second thoughts after you post a blog on the internet?).

Anyways, there was a post circulating this forum a while back that has the phrase the “planets must be aligned” in reference to several members who had great sessions on the same night. That night, in late November, I was gazing out at the twilight sky as Jupiter and Venus made a smiley face with the moon – and that got me thinking… What if we here at the forum formed a Full Moon Club? There are more than 6000 registered users now. What if we all plan a session on days/nights during the full moon? Kind of a cosmic wave. Here are a few thoughts as to why this intrigues me:

1) The internet, cell phones, GPS, computers and all the rest of industrialized society is stripping away innate abilities are brains have to utilize their surroundings (i.e. search this forum for Polynesians). We are technologically dependant on things are ancestors had none of. I’m not going all anti-industrialist here, I’m just pointing out that the Super Orgasm is not about technology.


I think I reached a Super-O, eight months after first getting into the Aneros. This was in a session Thursday night that capped off a very horny week for me.

I started off with the MGX and only a few squirts of ID Glide lube. With this session, I just wanted to guide the Aneros to a "sweet spot" and let it sit there. Boy did I ever do that! About 15-20 minutes into the session, following some wonderful p-waves, I jiggered the MGX so it was nudging the prostate. This produced a fantastic "wave" sensation emanating through my midsection. I was in a semi-sleepy state, totally relaxed. Instead of doing contractions, I just let my body lie there like a wet noodle. The only movement was very gently stroking the base of my hard penis to stimulate the "holding off a pee" muscle. Then something fantastic happened – the pleasure got deeper and deeper. I went from fantasizing to vaguely thinking "oh my god" as my heartbeat and breathing got more pronounced. The feelings got to a consistent intensity, very much unlike anything I've ever had before. Although there was a little bit of fear in the back of my mind, I was able to hold this super-o (at least I hope it was the super-o!!) for about five minutes.

# 4 session

I have now had my fourth session, and I thought I pass this on to you. How great it felt. Infact I was for the last hour I experiencing waves of pleasure without ejaculating anything. There was no erection but great pleasant feelings. My body was in the Super-O, I think. I just lost track of the time it was, oh it was an hour that I was lost in this pleaure which greatly satisfies. The session ended after two hours. I had the real world to turn attention to again, but I can't wait for my next session.

Serious Aftershocks

This is a follow up to my first Progasm session. That night, as I lay in bed, I started doing little contractions. Soon I was playing “Chase the Pleasure Echo” like I learned over the Christmas holidays when I was Anerosless. This involves doing some External Male Deer rubbing and then contracting for awhile. Boy did things take off. For the next hour and a half the contractions and spasms rose and fell and rose and fell. I didn’t know if the little walnut was going to let me sleep at all. These pleasant flutters were fun to chase – I’m sure by some definitions I was having waves of mini-o’s.

This was definitely rewiring – it felt like my prostate was plugged in. I now consciously recognize that when the prostate is calling for blood that your heart rate changes to that deep intestinal thumping that you can just ride up and down. Veins throb in my eardrums. There was a pulsing taught power cord reaching from the topside base of my penis to just below my belly button. All sorts of different muscle groups in my pelvis were spasming in different directions.

All these things are new: conscious recognition of pulse/heart rate change, plugged in and fluttering prostate, belly power cord. And the ‘on switch’ is the Male Deer. My brain is responding. The Progasm really stirred things up down there.

Teasing It Out

Just a note that things are proceeding smoothly here in the same direction as the last post – using the MGX along with edging to produce mind-bendingly good mini-os.

As I go along, I'm finding there are a few things that make sessions go better. Going 3-4 days without ejaculating produces the best results. Mostly I can get one really good session of about 2 hours once a week. I'm also learning how to have great sessions at night without waking the partner in the next room. 🙂 I've also been taking a daily fish oil tablet and the occasional dark chocolate, but I honestly can't tell if they help.

In a great session this week I also figured out, much to my surprise, how to "tease out" a penile orgasm so it will last a lot longer. This begins with using anal contractions to get gradually hotter and hotter p-waves. Following that I stroke the penis and get it going. Over the course of the session, I alternate between penis and prostate stimulation until it sends me into a spiral of wonderful feelings all over the midsection. In this most recent session, as soon as I was ready to cum, I made it so I only expelled a single small squirt of semen. Then I focused on the MGX and brought on some wonderful dry-os. To my own bafflement, I found that I could "ride" this orgasm for about ten un-fucking-believable minutes. I don't know if it was a super-o but it sure felt good. At one point, I could even do a mild hands-free cum. It basically went small ejaculation, long mini-os, small ejaculation, long mini-os, then winding up with a medium sized penile ejaculation. Brilliant.

First Mini-O

Just a quick update as this is the middle of the holiday season. Everything is very busy and there just isn’t time for quality sessions. To make a long story short, I got some time and decided on the Peridise, beginners edition. The first half hour passed without so much as a twitch. Time for a cigar. No bannana’s! Oh well, might as well hit the showers. But I saw the exercise ball and thought, what the heck, why not watch an old episode of “Three’s Company” and bounce around on the exercise ball! Now that got some pleasurable feelings going and definitely lifted the session above a dud – not the best, not the worst.

Then, “Three’s Company” is over, time for a shower – this is were things get interesting. The water felt fantastic when it was pounding the area right below my navel. My water pressure is weak and I do not have a flexible hose, but the hot water immediately got some p-waves going and involuntaries working. It must have lasted 10 minutes. Pleasure and contractions. Self-perpetuating (as long as the water was on the spot). Almost a textbook definition of a mini-o. I didn’t hurry it along or finish it off. Just something to build on in a couple of days.

The Peridise made it exquisite. As I am learning, slow is better. Let it build up. If this had been the Helix, I probably would have ended up with a hands free wet one. But the Peridise makes you work it.